Monday, September 22, 2008


Welcome to my blog - in November I will be cycling from Bangkok to Saigon with Symbiosis Travel. At the moment I am trying to sort out the loose ends - bookings flights, getting inoculations, arranging travel visas and working out ways to allow potential sponsors to support the four charities supported by the challenge. Not easy as they do not fit easily into the convenient Internet world of charitable donations.

Because I will be cycling in a part of the world where malaria is present one of the choices I have had to make is type of anti-malaria medication. I have selected the more expensive version, because the side effects of the other choice, suitable for the areas I will be cycling through includes "genital itching" and "sun sensitivity". They also require the recipient to remain upright for at least 30minutes to avoid heartburn. All of these would seem to be best avoided when cycling.

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