Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Little Chapel in the Fen

There is some controversy about the National Trust's 100 Year Vision for the Fens around these parts and it was while catching up on the arguments that I came across a reference to the "Little Chapel in the Fen". I was not really sure where it was, but had an idea - today I decided to check out the building I thought was the Chapel.

When I pulled up next to the building it did not look as if it were definitely the Chapel, but the nearby farm was called Chapel Farm which gave the game away.

Here is a side view of the building - you can see why I was not quite sure. It turns out to be Swaffham Fen Methodist Chapel. Mind you I think it is closer to Upware rather than Swaffham Prior.


This is the view from the front. - or at least one end of the building. It was not as sunny as it looks in the picture though - the weather has gotten colder. Once again we had a number of accidents reported in the area because of the roads freezing overnight. and apparently a need to conserve salt and grit.


To be equally fair to Upware and Swaffham Prior here is some information about the Upware - Upware Republic formed in 1851 by some University Graduates. Wicken Fen also got a mention on the BBC news website today as well.


  1. Is this property FOR SALE if so what Price, I dowt?

  2. chapel is not for sale,it's still a working chapel