Monday, May 10, 2010

First impressions - not so Sunny as San Francisco - but pleasant Fen cycling

For some reason this Post did not get posted until after the Saturday post - so it appears out of order. Actually it was not "some reason" it was because I made a mistake and forgot to Post it.The day after my return from California (Friday) the weather was sunny if not as warm as before I flew out to the US. It was ideal weather to get out for a bit of exercise to overcome jet-lag and also check out what had happened in the Fens over the last week of what I am told was grotty weather.

It was good to cycle out of Cambridge and return to the tranquillity of the Fens - along the Fen Road out of Lode alongside Bottisham Lode. (We are economical in the Flatlands and make our words do multiple jobs!) I had to stop to take a picture of these yellow flowers - I think they are some sort of lily but it was tricky trying to find out what they were from the web. This is the second time I have struggled to to identify a plant - I must try harder or see whether there is a more systematic approach I can take. (I must check with my Almost-Biologist son!)


There were quite a few dark clouds in the sky above this yellow rape field adjacent to White Fen - but what actually caught my eye at the gap in the hedge was this animal footpath. My guess is that it is a deer track - I do see small deer in White Fen from time to time and when there was snow on the ground there were quite a lot of tracks around the area.


The same gap in the hedge from a slightly different perspective- blue skies, white puffy clouds, some trees in leaf and some not - what could be more spring-like - oh yes bright yellow fields.


My sister finds the HDR photographs a little strange on the eye. Where there has been movement between the pictures it creates strange artifacts in the picture. That is why the tree on the left of this picture looks as if the leaves are missing on the edges of the branches. Where there is no movement it creates a nice "biscuit tin" picture of things like old cottages. (To make high-class biscuits seem even more high-class they are sold in tins with pretty pictures on.


The previous picture and this one were both taken in Reach - a small village on the edge of the Fens. The Wisteria looks tremendous at this time of year - I probably take this picture each year.


Whilst tootling around the Fens I also went along to have a look at the Reach Lode bridge construction - or more particularly the to see what improvements were being made to the road between the Upware Road and the Bridge. (Part of the Lodes Way path development.) as MikeC has commented - my hope that maybe they were re-surfacing the road was unfounded. The construction was to temporarily widen the road to allow larger vehicles (a big crane) through to the bridge site. Ah well never mind - as it happens the road surface here is not that bad really.


The Alien Leek locust seems to have moved fields - but is relentlessly clearing the fields - a convenient place for a drink as well.


The fields alongside Commisioners' Drain have been nicely ploughed.


When there was a burnt-out car the Council cleared the passing place on Headlake Drove pretty quickly - I wonder what this hard-core is destined for.


For a change I have put my moaning at the end of the post. My garmin GPS, once again reported a "Memory Full" error despite me having cleared the memory not long ago. So this time around it was a full reset and then I re-entered the settings I use and once again everything was fine. To make it easier I keep a record of the settings so it only takes a few minutes. I have checked the Garmin Forums and mentioned it there - but no-one else has reported it. Personally I think that the Operating System either loses track of the memory usage or computes it incorrectly. I also replaced the battery on my Wireless Speedometer, which got it working again. There are two problems with wireless speedos - they use two batteries, one in the sender and one in the display unit and they can have problems with interference.

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