Thursday, January 6, 2011

When will normal service be resumed?

Regular readers will know that I commonly use the phrase "how time flies" - why? - well because it does, it really does! That was Christmas, gone in a flash. Even though we put up our decorations early-ish (second week of December - family tradition from when the kids were young) it seems like no time at all before they come down again. Then, for a few days the house looks drab and the space where the Christmas tree stood seems unusually empty. Not to mention that fact that both kids have exams coming up, but are busy revising - phew.

After finally getting the Gas Boilers sorted out on New year's Eve everything seems to have been working OK, touch wood. My Computer also seems to be behaving itself after the disk drive transplant. Although I did notice that Amazon appears to be selling the drives I bought much cheaper than the price I paid. The OEM version is going for less than £70 for 2Tb, although it is slightly worrying that the power saving features look as if they might cause problems with "Load cycle count" issues. So there are a couple of problems that need looking at, but nothing urgent.

I should never have written the last paragraph - in the middle of the next paragraph the sodding machine crashed and on reboot starting running a Verify and Repair of the Raid Disk. I suppose the good thing is that it is now Raid 1, but for it to be having problems so soon is annoying. If one of the disks has a problem then I will have to get a replacement and I really ought to wipe it first before returning it. I just hope it is not related to the Load Cycle Count problem. If I do have to replace it I am wondering whether to go with a different make of drive and whether to replace both of them. I'd better run an incremental back up tonight as well. Oh joy - just when I though it was OK.

I suffer from poor cell phone signal coverage so have bought a Femtocell - Vodafone Sure Signal - although at the moment it has only worked for one day in the last three days. When it did it was great, trying to work out where the problem lies when it isn't working is a real pain though and my money is there being a problem at the Vodafone end. This is one that is not going to get too much priority from me for the moment though.

So I have yet to review last year's cycling and decide what I want to do this year, I did receive a Skedaddle brochure with tours of Japan in May and September so perhaps my plan for last year will only have slipped by a year. I also think I might back off a little of my distance goal for the year - say 10,000Km instead of the missed 12,000Km goal. I do want to lose some weight thought, it makes getting up hills much easier. This is my son and I in Japan a few years ago on holiday - we got into the spirit of things.


And finally it looks as though some new Cycle paths will be getting attention in Cambridge, with the Milton to Impington one going ahead. This is good news as the route avoids the town but has some speedy cars on it. It also appears that the Cambridge Guided Busway might get finished - by new contractors. A local Ipswich-based firm has been chosen - Jackson Civil Engineering. They will also do some of the cycle path surfacing as well.

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