Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sunny Science Park (in Cambridge)

Thursday 21st April: Another day for meetings and a reason for a cycle ride. Although perhaps not the longest of rides it was out into what looked as if it would be another lovely day. Mind you it was a little nippy when I set of. I was dressed business-very casual. In that I had long trousers and a short sleeved shirt, with sandals (and of course no socks). Once you get up to speed and warmed up it is really delightful cycling in the breeze.

The recent warmer weather has done wonders for the blooming and “leafing” of plants and trees.  As I cycled into the Science Park I was amazed how the trees seemed so much more in leaf.  As I cycled around the main loop it almost had an American feel about it. Space seems t be at less of a premium in the US (San Jose) and the buildings more varied with large trees around. Well that is how the Science park looks. Mind you I should not be too surprised it has been around for some time  with the first company Laser Scan moving onto the site in 1973.

Having remembered to charge both batteries from my camera (one in the camera and one a spare) I had plenty of juice, but not so much time. So I restricted myself to a few pictures of the glorious trees. Here are two fine specimens – a Copper Beech and a Horse Chestnut.

Just down the road was a Red Horse Chestnut, which in my experience seems to be less prone to the Horse chestnut leaf miner. I am not sure I have seen any research that indicates that is the case though.

Although I did not have too much time (a friend’s three and a half year old was coming round for the afternoon) I did extend my route slightly on the way home and cycled through Ditton Meadows where a host of golden buttercups were growing in the sun along with a bunch of daisies. Which is just what you expect in a Meadow.

As I headed back there was also a long boat taking advantage of the Spring sunshine making its way out of Cambridge on the River Cam.

Although the day had started out as slightly nippy it was really quite warm by mid-day. So much so that we had to ensure our young visitor wore his sun hat. It was just the sort of day for a youngster to be able to run around the garden playing though. We all enjoyed it.

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