Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summary: Cambridge, Peterborough, Wisbech Loop

I split the Post of my cycle ride from Cambridge to Peterborough to Wisbech to Downham Market and back to Cambridge into 5 parts. Part 3 went missing because of some Google/Blogger issues last week. In the hope I would get it back I waited and waited having written the other four posts the one in the middle was missing.

Eventually I gave up waiting and re-wrote it. As it was first created as a draft it appears in sequence in the archive, but for convenience here are links again:

Part1: Pedalling to Peterborough

Part2: Pedalling to Peterborough

Part3: Pedalling to Peterborough

Part4: Pedalling to Peterborough

Part5: Pedalling to Peterborough

I hope they are in order and I apologise now for any typos.

The last time I cycled the route was in June 2009 – Peterborough and Back stringing together Sustrans routes when I took fewer pictures. It was also not an identical route.

This picture was at the start of that post:

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