Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where to (re)start my posts!

I have not intentionally stopped posting, or even unintentionally. The last week has been busy, I have been cycling, more than once, and there are pictures stacked up ready and waiting. There are also quite a few pages open on my web browser that are related to cycling that caught my eye and are waiting to get linked into a post. I’ve also been to London a couple of times and there are a few pictures on my Sony DSC-W200 that have found there way onto my Picasaweb storage space. Probably the real reason though is the house has been quite busy.

We are having some external painting work done which generally requires someone around. Also my son has started a job locally and so he and his girlfriend are staying with us. However, last and by no means least we have been waiting for my daughter’s A level results to come in. Probably like many house-holds up and down the land. her choice of University was the one that required the highest grades and unknown to me and my wife and she had a secret plan to exceed those grades. So for us Thursday started out quite tensely but finished on a high - her secret plan worked and so did all the hard work – she exceeded the required grades and now the focus is on getting ready for University.

Paradoxically two of the Blogs in my reading list both touched on the issue of  writing a Blog and how easy it is to slack off and give up. I read “Blogger burnout” and whilst the frequency of my Posting does vary a bit it normally hovers around 20 a month, which I think is ok.  As for the rest of the issues, I still feel there are things to right about and pictures to take. it is just a question of time really.

There are apparently “Common signs of Blogger’s Burnout” but I think I am Ok and actually it isn’t about the blog, for me it is about cycling around and observing (by taking pictures of) the changing world.  In fact my Blog is an outcome of the things I am passionate about, I do have goals but only in terms of a certain amount of cycling per year. All other things follow. The topic also came up in A View for the Cycle Path – “Three years of blogging – top posts”, which discusses three years of blogging. Phew that’s a long time I thought. But my first Post was on Monday 22, September, 2008 – so I am only a month from my third anniversary as well. Mind you my blog is not as widely read.

So although I have newer pictures here are some taken in March 2008,  before I started my Blog, but not before I started taking pictures. I started taking pictures before the Internet was around – now that is a sobering thought.

Surprise, surprise most of the pictures are taken on my travels around the Fens. Mind you I hadn’t “discovered” HDR photography then.

Ely Cathedral seen across snow and recently harrowed fields.

The footbridge across Burwell lode and part of what is now Lodes Way.

Cycling though Wicken Fen along NCN11, which at this point runs alongside Monk’s Lode.

This is somewhere out towards Pidley I think, where the Pidley Mountain Rescue Team is based.

I think this is out Ramsey Way, but I just picked out a few pictures fusing Picasa, I’d have to go back and have a look at the pictures before and afterwards to get a better idea.

A fishing boat passing by King’s Lynn., just passing the point where the Lynn Ferry plies its trade. Actually I am not so sure having followed the link. Which means I am pretty sure that it isn’t


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