Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The curation–part 2

You didn't think that was all the links did you? I did mention nearly 50 web pages – well don’t worry I have just closed a few.  I do like pictures on the web. You might have noticed that a lot of my news items come from either the Cambridge News, Cambridge First or Daily Mail. Long-term readers of the Blog might remember I used to link to the Times – but since they put up a paywall I have had to look elsewhere for my news links. Whilst the Mail is not my particular cup of tea when it comes to news they do publish some rather nice pictures.

So here are the links.  There are some lovely early morning mist pictures, some autumn scenes (along with some deer!), a meteor passing through the Northern Lights, the sun exploding on the horizon and finally and amazing leaf pattern on a road in London.

I am also pleased to report the prosecution of another fly-tipper – whoever does the job of sorting out fly-tipping around Cambridgeshire does a good job of getting rid of rubbish very quickly in my opinion.

Perhaps this is how they do it?

The Airfield road between Oakington and Longstanton was also in the news – it is still no go, drivers off A14 warned. We have had a few A14 problems and it is a reminder that this road is not al alternative route. Apparently there is a difference of opinion which means it will remain as is. All I can say is heaven help the people who do live long that road if it is opened up to all traffic.

And finally (but there will be another post) “The end of the conker?” is report in the Daily Mail. Cambridge even gets a mention – the conker trees along the backs are suffering from bleeding canker and will not be replaced (by more of the same). Apparently there will be a more informal planting.

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