Friday, December 2, 2011

A Station update and some photography related links

I have got a couple of sets of pictures of recent rides almost ready for posting (no words), but at the moment my Chrome browser is so jam-packed with web links that caught my eye at some stage in the past week or so that I thought I’d better do something about it. In fact despite having 4Gb of RAM (although as I run 32-bit windows only 3Gb is really useful) my memory utilisation is running at around 90-93%.  And that is with no other programs running other than Chrome (and the Task Manager). I’ve managed to trim it down a bit but thought I’d write a quick post so I could make some space.

Yesterday I had written about the poor provision for cycle parking at Cambridge Railway Station and today “Cyclists hope going Dutch will solve rail parking woes” reports on the fact that a Dutch company Abellio is taking over the rail operator franchise as Greater Anglia (in Fen 2012). Apparently they were behind CyclePoint at Leeds station (pdf). It provides Secure parking, open between 6am and midnight and staffed between 7am and 7pm – Monday to Friday (Weekends – 10am to 6pm).  The costs start at £1 a day, with discounts for season tickets. There is storage for over 300 bicycles.

Cambridge Railway Station cycle parking

I guess there are questions for Cambridge such as what number of spaces would be required and what pricing would work in our market.  I would imagine that some people would be reluctant to start paying out £5 a week for cycle parking and so look to lock their bicycles on nearby railings or other free parking facilities. Here is the Tariff’s webpage – it costs £15/month of £120 per year.  For comparison a monthly Ely/Cambridge railway ticket is £98 and an annual one is £1020. Personally I would use it at that sort of price, but I don’t have a super-cheap bicycle for getting to and from the station.

Another rail-related piece of news is that the Department of Transport has announced plans to double the single line railway between Soham and Ely. This is to remove a freight train bottleneck but might also lead to the opening of the Soham railway station for passengers.

A freight train between Ely and Soham

And to finish – a bit about how having a shed could help men live longer! Mine would need some heating and a bit of tidying before moving in. Mind you I have a room in the house as my study (since I work from home) which I guess serves the same purpose.

Now for the picture links – here is a wonderful picture of a cloud on a rocky outcrop in the Faroe Islands – looking like a cup cake. One thing I would like to see (and take pictures of) is the Northern Lights. I have recently taken some pictures of mists in the Fens – here is mists in Dubai.

A Cambridgeshire Church in the Mist

Penultimately – celebrities on bicycles -  although the weather is better in California than it is here in the Flatlands.

Non celebrity cyclists on Lodes Way in the Summer

And finally an SLR camera lost scuba diving was re-united with its owner by retrieving and publishing the pictures on Google+ Unfortunately the camera had been submerged for over a year and doesn’t work any longer.

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