Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuck in the Office–and its Sunny!!!

Now I am not really looking for sympathy. After all I do work from home and that has a lot of advantages compared with a life of commuting. I have stuff to do and I am also in the process of tidying up my workspace and diary, submitting gas and electricity meter readings and lots of other jobs that don’t take that long but added together seem to use of lots of time.

Mind you I have been out on my bike and I am popping out again shortly – to post some letters. If that sounds like an excuse – well it is. But it is sunny and the temperature is rising so it would be rude not to, I just I don’t get lost on the way back

Winking smile

After commenting upon the issues of the amount of traffic that builds up around schools an item appears in the Newmarket section of the Cambridge News – “Mothers campaign for safer road after girl is hit by car”.  Remember that motorists have to drive with the safety of children in mind at a speed suitable for the conditions.

School Warning – Fen Drayton

I Interpret this to mean that when there are lots of children around –say at the start or end of the school day then you have to drive much more slowly. Children do run out into the road and you can’t drive as you might do on a clear road. I am not sure that is how motorists really see it though.

This morning as I cycled back from picking up a newspaper I was following a car that stopped at a T-junction, with no indication. It had stopped about a quarter of a mile from the school to let school kids out. When it did stop it left me unsure whether the car driver was being super-cautious before pulling onto the main road or which way it was turning. It wasn’t until I saw the kids open the car door did I realise it had wasn’t just waiting at the junction.

I’ve also commented on Transport Grants – well three community groups in Huntingdonshire are sharing £27,400 – lets hope it makes a sustainable difference. Whilst in the Ely area “Buses may escape axe” if  they are “socially necessary”. Does all this to-and-for bureaucracy create value for money I wonder. Hopefully at least those in needs of such services might actually get them.

The Orchard Park development to the north of Cambridge city might finally be set to get a shopping centre. This is despite a previous scheme being approved in 2009.  According to the comments there aren’t any cycle space planned. Apparently this pushes the development past the 900 homes which implies there are already 750plus people who end up driving whenever they need to go shopping.  Joined-up planning?

CGB Near Orchard Park

Is is all sustainable?  A timely chart from xkcd. (Which operates under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.).

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