Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring–definitely springing along Riverside

Tuesday, 13th March 2012: I had an early start  (8am) and I was going to a building in Cambridge that is quite warm. So my plan was to get there a bit earlier than I needed to in order to provide some cooling down time.  Although the forecasters had suggested the some parts of the country would enjoy some warmer weather here in Cambridge it seems we were destined for some grey days.

Although it was not as cold as it has been there was mist in the air so I decided upon a thin jumper and  a lightweight very thin waterproof jacket that packs up into almost nothing. When I set off I was finding it a bit cold, so I went a bit faster and started wondering whether I had made a mistake and should have worn my water-proof leggings.

At least at first I found the switch from air-cooling to water-cooling my body made quite a difference. But to cut a long story short when I reached my destination I was both warm and yet my skin seemed cold.  Then on walking into the building – I was way too warm, even with my jumper off. You’d think I would have sorted out this cycling business by now.

Still I felt refreshed and despite someone asking me whether I had run in I hope I didn’t pong. (My theory is that its the old sweat not the new sweat that causes the problems). My day included working into the evening so I had lights with me and although I was tempted to stop and take some night pictures I didn’t.

I will maker a plug for “World Backup Day” though, which reminds me I must update my ghost image. (I have a disk drive with a snapshot of everything on my machine data, OS and programs that I make every few months – just in case. I seem to remember some saying along the lines of “If you are not backed up twice (or maybe three times) then you really don’t care about your data”.  Where of course data means anything from pictures and videos of the family through to music and/or email.

Whilst doing my public service messages – watch out all you motorists – there is a seat-belt crackdown in Cambridge this week.

Another tip: “Education for all key to safety for cyclists” and an interesting take on “Red Light Jumpers”.  Why do the actions of a few red-light jumpers cause the outpouring of such ire on all cyclists eh?

There aware also a couple or reports about Taxis – “20mph limit ‘sparked attack on taxi driver’”. It wasn’t me wot dun it your honour it was the 20mph limit. I know that isn’t what was said. But the article does say that the “City’s 20mph speed limit has been blamed for a raft of complaints by angry passengers asking taxi drivers to speed up in slow zones”. Really, a raft – I wonder how many that is exactly? (The other taxi story is about private hire drivers “tarnishing” the reputation of taxi drivers – say no more.)

Still I picked my way though Cambridge along roads and cycleways less travelled by cars and people. The Riverside is a rather nice part of that route – the Willows are already going green. (I wonder if that swifts’ nesting dish is really a secret heat ray weapon which is why I get hot when cycling.)

As you might expect there were farm more athletic endeavours than mine taking place on the River Cam. Here is another free tip for cyclists, watch out for the coaches – cycling along shouting instructions to the rowers. Giver them a wide berth – they are not always focusing on the road ahead. (No I am not complaining – it is most certainly all part of life’s rich tapestry as far as I am concerned.)

And finally how about a Moses Bridge across the River Cam, perhaps near Upware to create the missing link. That is stunning, although I assume they must control the water height pretty well and they don’t get a lot of wind?

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