Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunch in Fulbourn

Wednesday, 28th March 2012: I had arranged to meet some friends for lunch in Fulbourn and as it was another glorious day I just had to take a circle-cycle-route. I went in via Teversham and back via the Wilbrahams and NCN51. It was very pleasant sitting out in the garden at the Six Bells in Fulbourn. I am not sure quite how often they update their web site as it still mentions a Valentines dinner – there is also the Six Bells Beer Festival to come though – Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th April.  They certainly do get some good beers in so I am sure it would be an interesting even.

This time I tried a beer with coriander. At first the taste is interesting but after a few sips it just becomes part of the beers rather delicious flavour – as if it had been there all along. I had another pint, just to check to see if it tasted the same you understand. To be honest I am not quite sure what it was – but a likely candidate would be this Umbel Ale (or Umbel Magna) from Nethergate Brewery. (That was a Wikipedia site – here is their web site.

In case you were wondering I had a jacket potato and coronation chicken – very tasty. The only downside is that they don’t have any cycle parking stands – mind you as we were sitting in the garden I didn’t even bother to lock my bike up. I did notice a bit of creaking coming from the saddle/seat post area – but forgot to look at it.

It was so sunny that I did wonder whether I might get a little too much sun- I didn’t but as tend to be more tolerant of the sun (or rather my skin is) than most.

I also took my new MP3 player with me. I have a lot of music stored as WMA files and so switching to an iPod or close relative isn’t really something I feel like doing – although I do think the designs are good. The reason I am got a new one is that the battery of my old Samsung YP-Z5A 4Gb MP3 player has been declining from the original 35+ hours to 2-3 hours.

In the end I chose a Cowon S9, the sound has proved to be excellent – which is important, the user interface has been a little more idiosyncratic. I struggled to get it to play what I wanted. I stopped several times but failed. Ah well I’d better read the flippin’ manual.

This is a Horse chestnut tree in Great Wilbraham, buy the children's playground. It seems to come into leaf fast the all the other trees around it.

The route out of Wilbraham took me past the site of RAF Bottisham. Here is a link to a picture of the control tower – no longer there and some more buildings in the village which are still around are here.

There are also some buildings that remain at the corner of what would have been the actual airfield – where the Wilbraham Road meets the A1303. It is now being used by River Farm Smokery. Apparently the shop is now closed to the public – but you can order via their website of telephone.

It would appear that either the site or the business is up for sale. Although judging from their website it would seem to be the actual site. It is offered as a commercial site of 0.73 of an acre, yours for £550,000 it would seem.

After that it was a pleasant ride home although no more pictures. So here are some aerial shots of Britain at Dusk.

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