Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An old Post re-visited

I have been blogging for around 31/2years and although I think I have stuck with an approach that’s consistent there have been changes. If I look back my old Posts had black text, smaller pictures and over the years I had changed the colour of the text, made the pictures larger, added frames to the pictures – had the frames taken away. I started annotating maps with my routes and then began using Bike Route Toaster to record my routes and provide downloadable maps.

So in response to a comment on an older Post I thought I would provide a map for it.

Here is the route and here is the Bike Route Toaster Link and here is the original Post “Cycling along and over the route of the disused Cambridge to Mildenhall railway Line

You can open the map link and see the route with a Google, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, OSM Street or OSM Cycle underlay. The annotated snapshot below is the OSM Streetview.

Bike Route Toaster will also summarise the various information about a route including distance, estimated time, and various bits about ascents/descents and the elevations.

Distance: 52.05Km, Ascent 87m. min elevation 0m, max elevation 19m.

I tend not to worry too much about the time as I stop quite often when I am cycling to take pictures. I also cycle more slowly on rough tracks and into wind. If you assume an average speed of 20Km/h then it will take around 2hours 30minutes.

An unmapped Route Mapped

I cycled this route before the Lodes Way was finished and I have seen, but do not possess, an excellent NT map of the area which shows interesting routes around the area – roughly between Wicken Fen and Anglesey Abbey. I think is it supplied for those hiring bikes – it would be a great thing to pop on the web – if any NT Wicken Folk are reading this.

I use Bike Route Toaster because it works and I can use it to plot routes that I wish to follow and then download them onto my Garmin Edge 605 GPS. (I just use them as on overlay on the GPS screen rather than allow my GPS to attempt to route me along them. When you are cycling the urgency of turns is not as great as in a car. (Here is one such ride from Cambridge to Hull that I used my GPS for guidance.)

My first BRT map was no: 159187 this one is 396908 – so a fair number of maps have been stored on BRT


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