Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Tins–wet, but not raining

Monday, 16th July 2012: There is a saying along the lines of beware what you wish for it may happen. Well last week seems to be non-stop rain. (Although it wasn’t really). As I sit here and get ready to pop down to London the sun is blazing down.

The trouble is the sun brings out the cyclists which means I could will be in for trouble trying to lock up my bike at the station. I am also wondering whether I should use some sunscreen – the answer is yes I will.  I am also going to cycle in shorts and change either in the Station or when I get to the meeting location, definitely no tie and I will wear a short-sleeved shirt. The temperature is pretty much getting up to 30oC, although at the moment my outside thermometer says 26.4oC

The last post was a Sunday and I forgot to mention The Archers. According to the DM – “Archers fans in revolt as tale of everyday folk turns in ‘Farmageddon’” – hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel – or maybe they want to get rid of the oldie listeners?

The good news was that for this Post’s meeting I was able to catch a mid-morning train and return on a mid-afternoon train – so avoid rush hour and I was able to park my bike at Station cycles.

So you will be spared yet more pictures of the crappy cycle parking at Cambridge Railway Station – well until today’s trip makes it into a Post.  Although there has been a lot of rain and despite it being a gloomy day I didn’t get wet on my way to the Station – I had my trusty Cycle Cape with me just in case. I also wore a pair of convertible trousers. They have unzippable legs so you can use them as shorts and then zip the legs back on to look a little better dressed. I have several pairs.

everything went to plan on the way to the station, except I was delayed setting off – hence the lack of “in” pictures. Everything went to plan in London – I was reasonably early, zipped my “legs” on and strolled to my meeting. except when I looked down I realised I was wearing the legs from a pair of trousers that were a different colour. Oh well – the best laid plans. Perhaps people would consider it the latest fashion.

The way back was fine, one of the advantages of leaving my bike at Station cycles is that I don’t have to carry all my stuff with me – some of it can be left with the bike. This means a lighter load in London and it is quicker to leave and pick up, all for £1.50.

Things looked a little less hopeful on the way back – there seemed to be rain around. However my luck held and apparently what was a torrential shower had moved on from Cambridge. So I pushed my luck and too a scenic route home, via the Airport.

I went up The Tins route which is getting some more money (£275,000) to further? widen it and improve links with Orchard Park and the city centre. Here is The Tins at the Cherry Hinton end just before the Kathleen Elliott Way. There is a route through to railway Street (and then Yarrow Street) – although one I rarely use.

It always amuses me how large the gym car park is, on the route of The Tins. My son and his girlfriend were up for joining a gym – but the last time the apparently only went once or twice. I suggested borrowing my Tandem and cycling there a few times before joining to see whether they were really up for it. (They didn’t and they didn’t!). Talking about Tandems – some celebs show how not to ride one (they don’t carry three for a start.)

There were some large puddles around.

The Tins, Cambridge

Although I was taking a scenic route I didn’t hang around too much – the skies looked ominous. The normally dry ditch alongside the Airport was pretty full.

Unusually wet ditch – Cambridge Airport

A rather grey Airport Cycleway – no puddles and although it is one of the better shed-use paths around these parts – it is only just acceptably wide.

Airport Cycleway, Cambridge

And finally – some rather interesting Tunnels in London and New York and a plea for Cambridge’s green belt – which is probably about to get swallowed up.

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