Friday, February 1, 2013

Got it–er well … Friday

Friday, 1st February 2012: The bad news is that my Desktop computer started crashing again last night after a couple of weeks of stability. After doing a re-start it then crashed several times. The same Double Trap fault as before and always a few minutes into my logon sequence. It seems stable enough to write this Post on. My current theory is that there are a couple of software problems which interact to cause the crash. Whilst I seem to be able to sort one of them, the other is still around.

I think the issues are related to my use of a RAID drive, my Anti-virus software (McAfee) and the Microsoft Update software. The current fix sequence is to remove the AVS, then run the McAfee removal program, which reports issues. The to boot up the machine with a Windows 7 repair disk and repair it – the log reports some fixes and some failures to fix. The when I re-start the machine it seems stable again. (I am also wondering whether this might be because the CMOS backup battery is low?).

So my plans for yesterday went out of the window including a Got It Thursday post. So here is is a day late. This is another of my Christmas presents – being seen as an eccentric cyclist I do get (and welcome) cycle-related pressies.

So what did I think of the book My Time, by Bradley Wiggins – well strangely I found the book by David Walsh (Seven Deadly Sins My pursuit of Lance Armstrong) a more compelling read. Not that I didn’t enjoy the book. It just goes to show how fickle I can be –drug taking is more interesting than cycling.

It does give an insight into the mind of a leading cyclist and also some insight into the Froome events where there was uncertainty about whether Bradley was being dropped by Chris Froome.

So I did enjoy it and read it pretty quickly and it give an insight into Wiggins – although I still get the sense he is quite a guarded individual.

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