Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mill Road–cycles/cyclists a soft target

Saturday, 1st February 2014: Oops I have gone back in time. Sunday’s post appeared before Saturday. The reason is that Sunday was a cycling post and Saturday was a shopping and chores day without any real cycling.  If I am honest by the time all my chores were done it was pretty windy with gusts over 30knots reaching up to 40knots.

Having been lucky enough to travel to Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan on business one thing I have enjoyed is the various different types of food. The first time I went to Korea I assumed it would be like Japan (which I had visited a few times before). It was completely different. The food is different but delicious and Koreans are to the Japanese what Italians are to Germans.

Why am I telling you all this. Well one of the good things about Cambridge is that as well as the usual High Street chains stores and national supermarkets there are some less vanilla places.

Mill Road, in Cambridge is the antithesis of the High Street, it is varied, unusual,  interesting,  cosmopolitan, busy, vibrant, useful. friendly and fun. Just recently we have been going through a phase of trying out new recipes at home.  Jamie Oliver certainly scores well for us – pretty easy to make, very tasty and different. I recommend his Jerk Chicken from his 30-minute meals. It took as a bit longer the first time – but was well worth it.

Just recently we have had Pim Pim Pap, as I know it, or Bibimbap as it appears on Wikipedia. Now I have eaten this in Korea and it was delicious. So where to get the ingredients – Seoul Plaza – Mill Road of course. Although if you don’t want to cook it there us Bibimbap House also on Mill Road. (There is also Cho Mee also on Mill Road and Al-Amin Halal Stores also on Mill Road with Chinese and Indian specialities as well as Japanese etc.)

This picture was taken from Mill Road, outside Cho Mee I think.  The owner had until the 6th February before the bicycle was taken away.  I don’t blame the powers that be for doing this, all I would ask in return is that they provide sufficient nearby cycle parking space and for goodness sake do something about cars and vans that park on pavements or block cycle lanes.

The law seems rather odd to me, why is it that crackdowns on cyclists/cycles seem to happen so more more readily than car/vans, yet the larger the vehicle the more the dangerous/obstruction/damage.

Bicycle – Advance Warning of Removal – Mill Road

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