Friday, March 14, 2014

POET’s Ride–one short-eared owl picture

Friday, 7th March 2014: I have been cycling around wit a long lens recently, when riding in the Lodes Way area. I have managed to get a few pictures of short-eared owls (or as I tend to call them short-sleeved owls).

The good new is that the area is drying. This part of Headlake Drove has been a row of puddles up until recently. The trouble is with puddles is that it hides how deep the rut might be and whether then might be stones of sticks.

Headlake Drove – Lodes Way – Puddle Free (practically)

A bit further long Great Drove – a crop trial had been laid out in one of the fields.

Agriculture in Action – Great Drove

I managed one half-way decent shot of a short-eared owl on my way back along Lodes Way – although it is a bit small.

Short-Eared Owl – Hunting – Burwell Fen

Burwell Fen – no owls in that direction!

Burwell Fen

Cyclist on Lodes Way, through Burwell Fen

No Birders on Reach Lode Bridge

White Fen at Sunset

Setting Sun

Contrails in the skies over Lodes Way

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