Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Showers are early?

Friday, 21st March 2014: When I looked at the GPS track of my ride and compared it with the pictures  it made me wonder was I there at the time?  As I have been managing to ride quite a few days and am slowly reaching my target for March I find that the details of pervious rides becomes a bit of a blur.

As it turns out this ride was yet another shower dodger, but successful enough that ended up riding the back way from Lode to Quy. Even though the weather was dodgy.

When I reached White Fen (and the bridge over Swaffham Bulbeck Lode the weather behind me looked a little daunting. It was pretty blustery and there were showers about – but the weather’s bark was worse than its bite.

White Fen – rain clouds about

As it was looking dodgy I didn’t take another picture for a while. I carried on along Lodes Way and then into Wicken and back towards Upware. I stopped on Lower Road to take a picture of dark clouds over Soham.

Dark Clouds Over Soham

But the wind kept blowing through and the skies kept changing almost from one minute to the next. The skies were blue as I passed though Upware so I headed down Harrison’s Drove and zig-zagged along Headlake Drove.

A Pile of Carrots on Harrison’s Drove, Upware

On my way back on Lodes Way there was sun shining down and hailstones.  You might just be able to see them in this picture.

Hailstones on Headlake Drove

The hailstones started falling a little more vigorously and then stopped.

More Hailstones on Headlake Drove

The weather (viewed from White Fen) seemed worse over Cambridge than it was earlier, although I hoped it would head to the right and I would head to the left.

More Dark Clouds over White Fen

As I reached Lode I reckoned that I had skirted the worst of the rain and so took the route of the old railway line to Quy and then down Station Road. Apart from the wind I pretty much avoided the rain (and hail).

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