Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two for the price of one

Saturday, 19th April 2014: After the enjoyable trip around the North Norfolk Coast it was back to the flatlands for my cycling. I popped out the next day just to stretch my legs really. Well that’s my excuse. After that I had other things to do until Tuesday, where I also cycled around the Wicken Fen area. As I didn’t take many pictures I have put the two lots together.

I also caught-up with the week’s happenings in Ambridge with the every day tale of miserable country folk in the Archers). It was a good job it was a nice day.  As it was Saturday I cycled around Low Fen Drove Way and then over to Lode (almost via Stow cum Quy Fen)  before heading up to Upware and back via the Lodes Way.

Oil Seed Rape in flower early – behind Anglesey Abbey

Someone else was enjoying the fine weather – now I assumed it would be easy to find some info on the Ultralight (or Microlight) plane – but I can’t. I think the ID is either G-CHFC or G-CHEC and neither throw up anything on a search.

Ultralight Flying above Lodes Way

On my way back I did come across some thoughtless parking on the Lodes Way between Reach Lode Bridge and Split Drove.   I did wonder if the driver had tried to squeeze through the wings looked a little battered.

Thoughtless Parking on Lodes Way

I did bump into the Swaffham Bulbeck Cyclist who had also noticed the poor parking.

White Fen

Tuesday, 20th April 2014: A couple of days later and I was back again – look how the Cow Parsley has come out alongside Bottisham Lode.

Cow Parsley in abundance – Fen Road, Lode

Swans on Swaffham Bulbeck Lode

I though these were some sort of bird scarer – my son put me right – they are bird feeders for game birds.

Attracting Game Birds along the field margins – Lodes Way

It is the time of year when cyclists (and anyone else) can get Sunday Teas in Wicken at the local Methodist Church.

Methodist Church, Wicken – Sunday Teas for Cyclists

This part of the world UK doesn’t get that much rain, despite of the ditches and drains and rivers that run through. So it is common to see irrigate at the slightest drop of fine weather.

This field is growing turf – Lodes Way

Next – A walk in Lower Wood to see the Bluebells.


  1. Hi Jamie,

    your microlight is G-CHFC a P&M Quik GTR ( G-CHEC is a glider -- PZL Bielsko SZD-55, in the "Standard Class", 15m span.



    1. Thanks Mike, for some reason Blogger has stopped notifying me of comments. If you hadn't mentioned it I would have missed it. I am impressed the aircraft has WARP DRIVE with ground adjustable pitch).

      I hope you enjoy your ride today on your new steed - the weather is almost too glorious.

    2. Hottest day of the year so far, and this year's route had several climbs between Six Mile Bottom and Newmarket, taking a zig-zag route. Still, I did have enough water with me -- for a change.

      There were equal numbers (>1) of Moultons, Airnimals and recumbents, so as I've got at least one of each I'd have been in good company. No high-wheelers (Penny-farthing) this year though, which is a shame. Oh, there /was/ a Marin too, so you could have come along with Masie!



    3. It was pretty warm. I popped out in the afternoon - there was quite a group of cyclists who had stopped off at Wicken Fen, presumably for refreshments. I take water (or lemon squash) with me just in case I decide to go a bit further mid-ride. Which happens more often in fine weather.