Thursday, September 25, 2014

Space for Cycling (Lodes Way for me)

Monday (16th) and Tuesday (17th) June 2014:

Space for Cycling

I will finish with some pictures – but first I must mention a post that has sat on my desktop for a day or so.l This is from the “Ely Cycling Campaign – “Local councillors fail to support Space for Cycling”. Now perhaps actions speak louder than words and certainly here in the Cambs area we seem to good getting Government cash for funding cycling stuff. We have a Local transport plan that mentions the word “cycle” 280 times, it sets out the need to reduce travel by private car and to make sustainable travel a viable and attractive option as two of the 8 challenges. However I reckon that it is failing to grasp some of the real issues and is trying to be all things to all people.

So perhaps it is not surprising that our Councillors don’t appear to be supporting Space for Cycling  in the link currently only 5 councillors out of 69 or7% have signed up. (1 Conservative, 1 UKIP and 3 Liberal Democrats no Labour – although there are only 7 labour councillors).  That is pretty appalling really.  We seem to be stumbling into global warming whilst driving looking in the rear-view mirror. We need to stop driving and get on our bikes…

Cut the Crap

it often both amazes me and appals me how utterly useless and worse than useless (dangerous) some cycling infrastructure is. Most cyclists will have seen it. Shared-use paths with intermittent signage, paths that are too narrow or overgrown. Paths that take you along the dooring zone or up the inside of traffic. Well Read this “Cut the crap” examples so bad you couldn’t make it up.

I reckon that there ought to be a law  making the creation of such crappy cycle facilities a criminal offence.

Death on the Roads

the Government's 2013 Road Casualty Stats were published today (day of post) and pedal cyclists get their own focus. There was a 2% fall in seriously inured cyclists in 2013, the first reported fall since 2004. My advice – stay clear of HGVs and remember those drivers often “fail to look properly”.

Two rides around the Lodes Way area

Monday’s ride was a quick trip, fresh air and exercise to make up for the fact I don’t commute to work.

Natural Gas Refilling Station along Great Drove

Dog Rose – near Upware

Poppies on Black Droveway

Flax – off Black Droveway

Tuesday’s ride was also quick, I had to attend an event in the evening in Cambridge.

F-15E Strike Eagle above Lodes Way

Grass – Lodes Way

Water Lily (Nymphaeacae) – Reach Lode

That evening I parked next to Great St Mary’s, they have a good set of cycle racks along the edge,  which generally have a bit of space in the early evening.  Look at the long shadows as people go about their business – from bow ties to rucksacks.

King’s Parade Cambridge

And finally a Cambridge tale of cycle thievery and comeuppance.

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