Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another post–at long last

There is an inverse correlation between my cycling and my blogging. Well I suppose something has to give. I am ahead of last years distance cycled (2014-6,280miles) already at 7,050 miles cycled.  Although as I track my distance in kilometres last year was a shade over 10,000Km and this year’s goal was the same but I have now revised it up to 12,000Km.

In case you were wondering I use kilometers because the first cycling odometer I got was set for Km and I have logged my distances that way ever since. My records don't go back that far though.  They go back to 19th August 1994 - 21 years, which if my use of Excel is right works out at 157,251Km (or 97,711miles according to Google, although I generally multiply by 5/8).

Of course just because there is a correlation doesn’t mean there is causation. I do know that if a make a habit of doing something I generally keep at it. I fell out of the blogging habit 8 months ago it seems. What I really ought to try and do is a post a week, which perhaps ought to be a new year resolution.  What I probably ought to do is program my calendar to send me an email reminder each week.

To cap it all the way I used to insert pictures in my blog has changed.  I hope this one works.

Recent picture from a ride on the Peterborough Green Wheel


  1. Glad you're back Jme!

    BTW it was me waving at you as you went down Lode Road the other day.


    1. Hi Mike,

      I'm sorry, I was obviously not paying much attention to what was around me. I have bumped into Giles a few times in the last week or so.

      It is starting to get pretty nippy out there at the moment. Are you cycling around Lodes Way much? It is getting hard to get out and back before the sun sets and the temperature drops.


    2. My mileage this year is but a pale shadow of yours. I've been to LW a couple of times to look for Short-eared Owls, and found a couple. OTOH I now have so many mainly computer projects on the go that I don't know how I ever managed full-time work. Just bought an Arduino, which is my first voyage into electronics (in a way, not at your level). Previously I just bought computers & other devices complete.

      Need to pick your brains on another topic when next we meet.