Sunday, September 20, 2009

BBQ Autumn - perhaps it is

As I have mentioned before, I use a program called Zoundry to create posts for my Blog and then download them. In a hurry the other day I closed down my computer whilst Zoundry was loading. The next time I started Zoundry it crashed with an error message and whilst I could see my posts it refused to download them to my Blog. I re-installed Zoundry, but no luck. I did notice that it seemed to have left one or two temporary files around and I tried deleting them. The next time I started Zoundry it worked and had sped up the program startup.

That reminds me I must check to see whether it is worth taking my laptop with me to India - it is easier to keep the blog up to date if I do it regularly, but I am not sure I want to carry the laptop around if I can't also check out my email. I must also check to see whether I can get a Sim card which would offer cheaper phone calls when I am there.

Over the weekend my son and I have filled in our Indian VISA applications and will send them of tomorrow. It all seems quite straightforward and there is a useful Web interface. But to minimise the risk of typos/mistakes we filled them in and have then checked them later to help cut out any problems.

After the VISA applications it was time to enjoy the BBQ Autumn weather - although the air temperature was cool the sun was strong and the skies were blue. Because of other commitments I took my usual route around Wicken Fen so no new vistas, here is the onion field - neatly ploughed.


A bevy of young swans on one of the Lodes in Wicken Fen. It was pretty busy in the park - "lode"s of people milling around.


I am not an expert on clouds - but these looked interesting.


The only downside to Wicken Fen is that it is not that easy to get to by anything other than car or bicycle. You get quite a few cars dotted around the route parked wherever they can park.


Mostly, cyclists are treated well - but I can't help feeling that the grumpy pedestrians who really don't want to move an inch and block the path are the same people who when in cars drive as if cyclists should move out of the way immediately. It almost feels like a class war - car drivers are upper class and cyclists lower class- who me paranoid?

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