Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a difference a day makes

With around 8 weeks to go before heading off to India to cycle around the souther parts I realised that most of my mileage has been around 50Km/30miles or less. The constraint being one of time, it is easier to fit in shorter rides around local loops than head off on longer trips. The upcoming tour does at least provide me with incentive to get out though - after a pleasant summer of cycling finishing with a few days last week in sunny Oregon it is harder to get out on the gloomier and windier days.It feels as if Autumn (Fall) is just around the corner. Here you can see the cloudy skies - although it looked gloomy it was quite warm (for England).


It does get a bit boring sometimes, always following similar routes you do notice the changes There is a disused railway line between Lode and Quy behind Anglesey Abbey which provides a bit of off-road. That is off-road in the sense of through the fields, rather than rugged and hilly terrain. You don't get hilly in the flatlands. Here it is - railway line straight and flat through the ploughed fields. I am not quite sure of the status of the path - but the Cambridge cycling Campaign show it on their Mapping/photograph page. Search for Quy to find it. This photograph is made up of three pictures. The path is easily cycle-able on my touring bike (25mm tyres), but a bit of care is required as it is popular with dog walkers.

LodetoQuy track.jpg

The next day and the weather had changed completely - enough that I decided to head out and make sure I covered some ground that I had not cycled along before and also to cycle a little further to get a few more miles in my legs. The skies were blue and the temperature was warm, in fact I had miscalculated and wore a short-sleeved top as well as a vest.


The clouds that were in the sky were very photogenic - at least that is what I thought.


Which I why I took several sky pictures.


This church is not on the beaten path, but I must pop up the path and have a closer look the next time I am in the area. The area by the way is Dalham and looking at Google Maps it seems there might be some tracks to explore as well, so perhaps it is not a dead-end for a cyclist.


In the end I managed around 80Km/50miles, but found ti more tiring than it should have been. Mind you I was fine the next day so I think I just need to do the odd ride over a longer distance to get my body used to "sitting" for a few more hours at a time. I also managed to ride along roads I had not visited before, up near Isleham. I also got slightly lost. I know I have a GPS how does that happened. Well whilst on the unexplored roads I checked a route but did not set the GPS back to its normal map following more. I noticed after a few miles that it had lost the map of the area and when I got home that it had not tracked that part of the route. It had continued tracking the distance/time and speed though. I sorted it by turning it off and on so it only lost a short part of the journey. When I got back I searched the forums to see if others had had the problem and discovered another software update - version 2.9. It did not seem to address the problem I found by I updated anyway - as I get closer to my India trip I will not update quite so readily though.

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