Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random pictures on a blustery day in the Fens

We finally got some rain here in the flatlands with some strong winds before hand. It was not the most inviting day for a cycle but as I had not done a lot of cycling this week because of some minor lurgy I forced myself out and took a new camera lens with me to encourage a bit of visual creativity. The interesting thing about the lens is that it is small, but has a range equivalent to a range of 28mm to 280mm (compared with a 35mm standard). A range of 10:1 zoom is pretty good along with quite a wide angle.

As I mentioned the Red Arrows flew around Marshall's airfield as part of the Centenary Celebrations. They were a few miles away but I managed to get a few pictures through the hedgerows.


This spider picture was taken at full magnification and cropped to further increase the "zoom" factor. I like it because of the green and black background.


Out on the road at times the wind reduced my cycling speed to a crawl and so became a good excuse to take more pictures. At this point it took quite a few pictures of a herd of sheep grazing in the fields. We do not get a lot of animals in this part of the world the farming is mainly arable, but none of the pictures really interested me so they do not appear here. Mentally I call this one "Sea of Green"


The texture of the soil with the two trees on the horizon was the reason for taking this picture. Unfortunately there were telegraph wires above the trees which I have cropped out of the picture.


An old and disused farm shed tucked away at the corner of a field of the road, but on a by-way. I was going to convert this to a black and white picture but didn't, as you can see. The roof is made from corrugated white asbestos - safe enough in the field, but it would need specialists to safely dismantle it and take it away I believe.


A solitary (and redundant) gate post on the Wicken Fen boundaries. This was taken with the zoom at the other extrema - 28mm, or wide angle. I was trying to combine the texture of the wood with the grey skies with the ditch leading off into the distance.


A zoom lens will compress distance. This piece of path has been awaiting finishing for quite some time. It remains more unpleasant than the rough tarmac that it replaces, but signs do indicate that it is a temporary fix and awaits materials and better weather. The path is around 300m in length.


This picture was taken near White Fen and is Swaffham Bulbeck Lode - again the zoom lens compresses the distance. it caught my eye because it is almost monochrome with the eye led along the Lode.


The weather was quite changeable and towards the end of my cycle ride occasionally the sun would shine on through. So here is a Sunflower in front of some Oil Seed Rape.


As is often the case, although it was blustery and I was certainly not fast it was very refreshing to be out in the countryside. Four weeks to go until we fly to India, next week I must start making lists of stuff to take.

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