Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There was a dungheap in the Yard

Yesterday it rained pretty much all morning - not a problem as I was working and the garden and crops really do need some rain. Later that afternoon the rain stopped and I had some time to go out. As it has been getting colder I thought I would need to wrap up, but it turned out to be humid and, for this time of year, quite warm. I am still wearing shorts and sandals when cycling but with my bright yellow waterproof jacket was too warm.

I came across another pile in the fields yesterday - I think these are Biosolids - the by-product of human sewage, but am not really sure. There was a slight smell but nothing too objectionable.


The lane opposite the dung-heap - Abbey lane, I could not see the pedestrian crossing used by the Beatles though.


I cycled up a farm track alongside Swaffham Bulbeck Lode, to the point where it reaches the River Cam. Here is the view looking back down the Lode.


They say that if there are lots of berries around then it is going to be a bad winter. Presumably this is some form of pre-compensation to allow animals and birds to "stock" up.


As the nights draw in the sun is lower in the sky when I pop out for a cycle ride, this does mean there can be some dramatic skies. It was not quite as dark as it looks here, but the camera can only cope with so much difference in the light and dark so when it is bright tends to make the picture into a silhouette.


This picture was taken after the last one - so not really dark, the leaves are starting to change into their Autumn (Fall) colours.


This scene, behind Anglesey Abbey had an "impressionist" look, you can see the leaves are only just starting to turn.


Google's Picasa program, which I use to file and view my pictures now has a facility to allow the picture to be geo-tagged. When viewing the picture you can call up a map and place a mark on the map to indicate where the picture was taken. Unfortunately these tags do not appear on the Blog postings, perhaps because I load them through an off-line Editor.

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