Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flowers in the Garden - no cycling - just pictures

After the quick pop down the pub for lunch, when I got home and was putting my bike away I noted how the light fell across the Clematis and in order to take advantage of the light got my tripod out and took some multiple exposure pictures of various flowers in to see they they recombined as HDR pictures. It was a fairly still day and so by using the tripod I hoped to be able to get some pictures that were not too blurry. These are those pictures.

I like this one which is Clematis 'Nelly Moser' because the shadow has been retained in the picture although less dark than a camera would normally capture the scene. In places the petals seem to have a diffuse glow - which is an effect of the Photomatix combination software.


I like this one, because of the way the Pistils stand out from the flower. despite the fence in the background.


Purple clematis - I find digital cameras are generally less good at capturing flowers with intense blues and purples


This again is striking because of the way in which the pistils stand up from the centre of the flower. I like the burgundy colour of the flower as well.


The Pistils almost seem to be reaching out from the flower to grab any passing insects - which in a way I suppose they are.


A burgundy flower separate from others of a similar colour.


More purple clematis - with a low depth of field so that the flower in front is in focus (well meant to be) whilst the others aren't so sharp.


The picture I think I like most - a Poppy.


I always think of Lupins as cottage garden flowers - these had a interesting shade of red that varies in intensity.


A solitary Lupin amongst the purple.


Agapanthus are always striking - like a mini-explosion of flower.


A ladybird having a rest on a leaf - good for the garden they eat the aphids - a destructive pest.


An almost abstract view of an Agapanthus.


Another purple Lupin


Even if I say it myself I am pleased with the effects I must experiment more with HDR picture of nature.

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