Sunday, December 2, 2012

An update on the new Burwell Lode Bridge

Friday, 9th November 2012: The only trouble with this time of year is that the clocks change and this means I either have to get out a bit early on my bike in order to at least catch the sunset or resort to a bit of night photography.

It also seems to me that the weather here in the flatlands has been pretty grey, ever since coming back frim my hols in Scotland. Ah well – it could be worse – I could find myself cycling on poorly designed roads with noisy traffic and aggressive drivers all around me. After yesterday’s trip to London I know I would find it pretty tough to live there.

That is about all the words for this post – another grey day cycle ride up through to Wicken Fen and back with pretty much nothing new.

As you can see here, looking down the Lodes Way from the bank of Burwell Lode – grey. The bank that is currently a detour.

Lodes Way seen from the bank of Burwell Lode

Perhaps the NT has decided to build an open air amphitheatre. Or maybe the digger controls are stuck on rotate.

Burwell Lode new bridge groundworks

There is a fair bit of kit being used on the dig – ensuring the work gets done and that this bit of the budget is spent?

Burwell Lode new bridge groundworks

I then circled Wicken Fen via the Maltings Path and the back of Wicken.  The only bit of colour at the moment seems to be coming from the autumnal leaves. This picture was taken from Chapel Lane, Wicken.

Autumnal Leave, Wicken

As I cycled though Wicken Fen it seems that all the rain has filled Baker’s Fen. It has also resulted in quite a few puddles on the cycle route through Wicken Fen as well.

Baker’s Fen, Wicken

Even the sunset was rubbish with all the grey cloud around.

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