Thursday, December 6, 2012

Got It Thursday

Well I mentioned that I was thinking of getting a Knog light on Tuesday and it wasn’t even Want it Wednesday!  Well I bought it from  Wiggle and it is now Got It Thursday. It seems to be just the ticket.  Light, bright, robust and good for emergencies.

Sorry about the pictures – not the best, but you get the idea. The light body is about 3cm x 3cm and the tail 5.5cm long.

It loops over the handlebars – I’ll report back after a bit of use.

The question in my mind is where best to keep it – probably on the bike and then to remove it when parked in public places. I while try it out for a while as well.


  1. I've played with these and they seem bright but have never looked at them from a car drivers point of view. Would imagine it would work quite well as a back up as it takes up no space. Be interested to know what you make of it. Might be a day late but I'll link you from my page anyway!

  2. When I was taking the pictures I tried to get a picture of the flashing by setting a slow shutter speed and sweeping the camera. With the room light on the shutter speed was still too fast. So I turned all the lights off and then pointed the camera to one side and clicked the shutter and scanned it across the light.

    The screen on my camera went dark. At that point I thought oh flip the light is so bright it has blown the sensor. Ah well a new camera for Christmas. After a bit of playing I realised that all I had done was turn the screen off, but what confused me was that it would still show the menu screen. So no new camera for Christmas - which is a good thing really.

    I've been thinking that I might strap the light under the saddle which should would be a better place for emergencies.

    Thanks for the link. I rather like the Want it Wednesday, especially with Christmas coming up. Although I won't be getting a new bike, even if I wanted one.