Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Got it for Christmas (a bit like Got it Thursday)

Tuesday 29th January 2013: So first things first – Props to Jez who has built finished his On-One Scandal 29er, that certainly qualifies as a Got It Thursday report. (I borrowed the idea of Got It Thursday from Jez’s Want It Wednesday.)

The truth of the matter is that friends and family do think I am a little eccentric, in a bicycle-related way. Despite my protestations that pretty much anyone can cycle and it is most enjoyable, too many of them resort to driving most of the time.  Although I am pleased that my son, who has taken on a job which involves more driving, has spruced up his bike and acquired some lights in order to combat his sedentary lifestyle. (Come to that my daughter does use her bicycle at Uni as well.)

So what you might well ask, well it means that I am easy to get presents for at Christmas – there are a whole host of cycling related things at a range of prices from the modest to the level no-one would ever dream of buying it for me. Actually when it comes to presents I prefer the modest and thoughtful to the not quite what I wanted and expensive. (I buy all my own bikes for instance.)

So what did I get – well although I am not a cycle-racing sort of person I do like to follow the Tour de France. It is an epic race of teams and who was more epic than most – well Lance Armstrong. Although not epic in a good way really as it happens. So I was rather pleased to get this book – Seven Deadly Sins – My pursuit of Lance Armstrong by David Walsh.

I know there are some who feel that perhaps we ought to now focus on the clean future of cycling and move on from the past. Well, I am a believer in learning lessons from the past. Whilst I sympathise with the cyclists of today who feel the same outrage, but also feel it is unfair that they are also viewed with suspicion then, whilst I have sympathy, that is also the legacy of those who chose to use drugs to enhance their cycling performance.

It would appear that the suspicions started quite a long time ago and the treatment of David Walsh and those who provided him with information was pretty appalling.  He has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and made some admissions, although there are some reports that this also may be part of a long-term comeback plan as the statute of limitations would appear to kick. The question in my mind though is give how well LA seemed succeed at concealing his use of performance enhancing drugs it makes it difficult for me to know what to believe. The battle is set to run it would seem.

So given that this book was a compelling read – the sort of book I read at night and then pick up for a bit of a read before getting up. I enjoyed it and it certainly opened my eyes a bit more. I have since lent it to my son who similarly is finding it a good read.

David Walsh’s Book Seven Deadly Sins

There are some more pressies to talk about – in case you were wondering.


  1. Thanks for the link! So are you going to make Got it Thursday more official?

    As for the book it is on my want list for future reading, I've recently read Bjarne Riis book which was ok and now Bradley Wiggins book on his recent tour win. That was better interesting and informative with a very detailed account of his thoughts and how he trained and race. Bit scattily written at times, it like he just put down everything that came into his so he often digress.

    1. I am not sure about making GIT official since I tend to write them when I have time which isn't always on a Thursday - like today is Tuesday. Also I hadn't realised that your WIW has a separate page which doesn't appear in my list of unread stuff on Blogger. Well I can't remember seeing them anyway.

      You've beaten me to the next GIT (whenever I write it). That Bradley Wiggins book was another Christmas present. I enjoyed it - but the David Walsh book was a more compelling read - except right at the end when it changed style.