Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Got It–but want another Wednesday

When I catch up I have some pictures from the snowy and frozen fens, but in the meantime the bad weather doesn’t seem to have deterred cars from speeding.  The trouble is I reckon that modern cars isolate the driver so much that they forget the realities of snow and ice. Here in Cambridgeshire the traffic police have caught more than 32 motorists speeding in treacherous conditions. One thing about cycling is that it doesn’t isolate you from the weather anywhere near as much, you can still fall off on black ice though.

It would seem that the “insulation” can lead to tragic results, as in the case of a cyclist killed on a dual-carriageway by a motorist who failed to see a cyclist ahead of him, although two driver behind that motorist did see the cyclist.

It would also seem that the insulation can lead to motorists trying to drive along the Guided Busway (CGB). Apparently 18 cars got stuck at one busway junction. Evidence that the speed limits are perhaps too high for some drivers, leaving them unable to take in the road around them? Although most of the incidents were at a junction!

In what seems to be the usual approach to Politics – where it seems that the parties always argue or point out the failings of the other parties. The Busway battle is costing £2m a year – the interest on the money loaned by the Council to make up the shortfall between the contracted cost and the actual cost. All that remains is for it to be fought over in court (or out of court) and we will found out who will pay for the work and wait. So whilst it is costing £2m in interest a year, we might get it back?

Whilst the weather is cold I have been wearing more layers of clothing than usual but to compensate I have reduced the weight of my bicycle. It wasn’t intentional really. When I cycle for work-type reasons  I don’t carry my rackpack as it would be too easily stolen and it is something I really don’t want to have to lug around on trains or take into meetings with me. It contains a multi-tool, 2x inner tubes, zip ties, small pump, tyre levels, patches and  some change and sometimes a hat or gloves or whatever.  When I take it off the bike seems noticeably lighter.

So just in case, when cycling for work reasons I tend to take an aerosol inflator in case of punctures, it has gunk as well to seal any holes. My journeys tend to be shorter and in the general scheme of things I seem to get fewer punctures when cycling along established cycle routes. Especially when compared with cycling alongside freshly slashed hawthorn hedges.

As my rides into the Fens have been somewhat less adventurous I have taken to leaving off the rackpack and cycling with the Aerosol in my pocket. I have only had to use once once, and although it doesn’t get the tyre up to anything like 100psi it has been a quick way of getting a tyre inflated without too much of hold up. The downside is that the gunk tends to go all over the place and when I used it I replaced the inner tube when I got home.

I am wondering whether to carry on the trend – the only real issue is what happens if I get punctures in both wheels. The obvious answer is to get another one. I got mine from Halfords as an impulse buy, although it seems more expensive than I remember it (currently £7.99), really it is more a form of insurance. It reminds me that my tyres are getting rather cut up. I use Schwalbe marathon plus tyres – another form of insurance. (A link to the Weldtite page on their sealant – it suggests one can is sufficient for two road tyres. I didn’t read the info so was perhaps too generous.

This is what I am talking about:

Cycle Tyre Sealant

So I want it (another), but do I need it?

And finally – I like taking pictures of trees – they can be quite photogenic and can look quite different through the changing seasons. Well he is one chap’s “obsession” with a dead oak tree – in pictures and rather good they are too. I like the first and last pictures.

BSOD Update: Not had one for nearly two days – wahay – they were every 10 minutes.

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