Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I like Cider too…

I have been meaning to do this for a while, well when I first saw this comment anyway. Normally I tend to delete what seem to be random one word comments. Often a check of the logs will show that they came from a random IP address in India. Someone somewhere has been paid to seed the web with some information of some sort.

One such comment came in overnight from Utter Pradesh in India, saying how much they liked the blog and the “author” linked to a supplier of Air Conditioning.  Although I didn’t even bother checking out the link – just in case.

The Cider author’s link pointed to a Blog profile which pointed to a Blogspot blog which linked to Cider We Love It, which did talk about cider. So I left the comment in. You might wonder why I don’t either use “Captcha” to make it trickier or only allow comments through once I have approved them. Well I hate using Captcha – it just doesn’t do it for me, well not often. I seem to fail to recognise the “words” too often.

Anyway here is the cider I like. It is delicious, although I haven’t drunk any for a while. I generally only had an alcoholic drink when I have been cycling, or sometimes in the middle of a cycle trip. I have been off my bike for a few days as I felt it prudent having strained my back. (My son was working on their farm and brought some back with him to try.)

Henney’s Dry Cider – delicious

Last week I was doing some Spring cleaning and took some stuff to be re-cycled. I was bending down in a cramped walk-in cupboard and picked up a heavy box and twisted round and stood. As I did it I thought – hum, this sort of movement is bad for backs in general – and mine in particular. There was no sharp pain but I could feel a bit of weakness. By the time I had loaded up my stuff to take for recycling I couldn’t lift the last box into the car and had to get my wife to do it.

Although it started off with only a mild sensation it got to the point where I felt I had a sharp stake in my back, which was aggravated by twisting movements. This tells me two things (well three I suppose). I haven’t been cycling enough – always good back exercise for me. I could do with being a bit lighter and not to go against my own better judgement. Fortunately the healing cycle is not too long and I went for a 25mile/40Km cycle ride yesterday with no ill affects.  The pain didn’t stop me doing my daily 0.5 mile ride to the paper shop either.

And finally the Cambridge History News recently reported on Cambridge’s 10 worst junctions for cyclists. The Cottenham Cyclist has clarified the matter in terms of the data and dates. Why was this old news, news again – who knows. The CN item attracted a lot of comments though.


  1. Ah, Cider! I stopped by my local cider maker on Sunday's cycle. Perhaps it was fortunate that it was closed. I'll keep an eye out for Henney's.

  2. Thistly Cross cider seems well regarded. I will keep an eye out for it here in the flatlands. Although I don't hold out much hope. Mind you I will be up in Dundee in a couple of months, so will look out for it then. Although their list doesn't include Dundee, near-ish-by St Andrews does have it.