Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knog got it Thursday

Thursday, 28th February 2013: A while back I decided I needed (aka wanted) an emergency light for use when I inadvertently found myself cycling without lights at night. Whilst it doesn’t happen to me that often, it does happen. The problem is that I normally use quite expensive rechargeable detachable front lights, They are really good for cycling at night, but  I have to remember to take them with me if I am going to be cycling at night.

Now the 5th rule of cycling is travel light (random numeric placement – but still a good rule), after all you are the one that has to heave the gear around. An effect that is particularly noticeable when going up hills. So taking lights when you don’t need them is a bit of a faff. The other issue is that with detachable lights you also have to take them off the bike when you leave it somewhere public and carry them with you.

My Exposure MAXX-D weighs in at 320gm and is 12cm long with a maximum diameter a little over 5cm. Not much, but finding space in my briefcase or Knog bag (mine is no longer available)  is tricky along with the other bits and pieces I carry.

So I bought a Knog Light (Got it Thursday) as seen in this picture. It is small and light and loops over the handlebar. It cost just under £10, not cheap, but only a few pints and safer than beer. I used it a couple of times, when out on longer cycle rides. They were ride in which I had intended to get back before dark, but got delayed (stopping and chatting) and they gave that extra peace of mind as I cycled back in twilight.

Olive Green Knog light

I also used them in the early-ish morning when it was still gloomy when popping down to the shops to buy a newspaper. People on their way to work seem less concerned about vulnerable road users it seems to me. I also used it when popping to the shop for some forgotten food item. (The last one was Nutella for pancakes!)

Now lots of motorists bleat on about cyclists not using lights when cycling in the dark. Let’s be clear in a normal urban street, even an old cobbler like me can see perfectly well when cycling. Cyclists have lights in town so that motorists can see the cyclist, as motorists like to drive at the limits of their visibility range. So the bright strobe front light was fine.

Being a less than trusting soul when it comes to bicycles and bicycle stuff I took the light off my bike when parking in Cambridge earlier in the week when I had some meetings. It wasn’t until Thursday that I discovered one of the downsides of the Knog light. Whilst I thought I had put it into my bag for safety at some stage it must had hopped out of my bag – it was a frog Knog.

So the question for me was, would I get another one to replace it…

No, dear reader, I didn’t, get one that is, I got two – well a front and a back light.  Only this time I got it from Amazon and they did the two for just under £11. I got white ones as they were going cheap.

White Knog Light on Maisie

So next time I will be more careful when popping the light into my bag for safekeeping when parking in a public place. However my motto is don’t give the b*ggers an excuse to run you over.

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