Sunday, July 7, 2013

S4 Camera Pictures

One of the problems with gadgets is you can have too many of them. Which means having a multi-purpose gadget can be useful. The trouble is often multi-purpose can mean a sacrifice of quality and versatility.

I do rather like the camera facility on the Galaxy S4 though. It is easier to take the occasional random shot than when using my old Nokia Phone.

The S4 also has some trick pictures – such as being able to take panoramic views – just by scanning the camera round. So for me the test is does it enable me to take more pictures and the answer so far is yes it does. The other day I took this view from the Grand Arcade car park. There is a slight colour cast compared with my other cameras. According to the data it is 12,144 x 1,664 pixels or 19 megapixels – not bad for a phone.

The view from the Grand Arcade Car Park

This one was taken in the evening when it was a little darker – but not a bad job.

Woolly Bike

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