Monday, July 15, 2013

Sundays are for cycling

Sunday, 16th June 2013: I am trying to find bits of time to catch up. So forgive me but this will be mainly a bunch of pictures. The good news (for me) is that I have cycled more than 20 miles (a day) on 6 of the last 7 days and on the day I didn’t cycle I cut the lawn.  It also seems to have eased the aches and pains. Even better yesterday’s ride involved some hill climbs – although this is the Flatlands so not all that ambitious and whilst I won’t pretend I was that fast I enjoyed them.

This ride was my Sunday ride around High Ditch Road, over the A14 and along Low Fen Drove Way towards Horningsea. Then back along Hundred Acres Road to Lode and the Lodes Way. An anti-clockwise loop around Wicken Fen down to Burwell, back up Newnham Drove to the Lodes Way again and then down Straight drove to Reach, Black Drove Way and to Swaffham Prior and NCN51.

As it happens the route wasn’t quite my usual route – I found myself enjoying the ride so much I meandered a bit on the way back. I was intending to reach Burwell and then cycle along NCN51 – instead I meandered a bit more.

Oil Seed Rape – Yellow to Green – A14 Bridge

This on the Cambridge side of the bridge.

Oil Seed Rape – Yellow to Green – A14 Bridge

A little further along – Ornamental Thistles. My guess is that someone fly-tipped some garden rubbish – this is the result.

Ornamental Thistles – Low Fen Drove Way

Snouts Corner – burnt out scooter

Peas growing on an agricultural scale


Wheat – ears are filling out

Sugar Beet

The Sugar beet looked a little patchy in places.

Sugar Beet

Bird’s Foot Trefoil – Lotus orniculatus

Although it wasn’t the brightest of days there were a fair few cyclists out along Lodes Way. I stopped on the Swaffham Bulbeck Bridge to take this picture of a cyclist heading towards Wicken.

Cyclist on Lodes Way (near Swaffham Bulbeck lode)

I think they had bikes – but parked just around the corner.

Cyclists picnicking Lodes Way (near Swaffham Bulbeck lode)

There were cyclists and anglers when I reached Burwell Lode.

Fishing Competition – Burwell Lode

“Mum and Dad” were on folders.

Cyclists on Lodes Way – Burwell Lode

As a kid we used to say you could predict when a thunderstorm was due by the number of cows “chewing the cud”. It wasn’t true really. The notice board is on the ramp – part of what might become the new bridge over Burwell Lode.

More crop pictures, my son was interested to know who various crops were doing (his job).

Some form of bean growing in this field – although the yellow is from Oil Seed Rape volunteers from last year?

Wicken Windmill

The Konik ponies were right across Lodes Way. Despite there being foals around they were more curious than anything as I nudged my way through. Although to be clear I walked through with my bike.

Wicken Fen – Konik Ponies

More patchy crops on the way to Burwell.

Buttercups – near Burwell Electricity Sub-station

A Longboat on Reach Lode. I seem to remember seeing a for sale sign – but it is not obvious in this picture.

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