Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mid Week in the Fens

Thursday, 8th August 2013: The trouble is with stacking up my rides and being late about blogging them is that I forget the route. Which means I have to check out the GPS trace for the relevant date and usually that and the pictures refreshes my memory.

This one turned out to be a ride out on NCN51 through to Swaffham Prior, then down to Black Droveway up Straight Drove then Lodes Way to Harrison’s Drove. Up to Upware back down the other Harrison’s Drove over to Binkers Hill and down Headlake Drove and back along Lodes Way.

It all makes sense – I usually go the other way around which made me wonder, when looking at the pictures had I go them the wrong way round. I am thinking about evolving my Blog a little as I am sure me going on about the same old rides probably gets a bit boring. But I am still at the thinking stage at the moment. However I am thinking of theming it a bit more.

Straight Drove near Reach

This bank has been recently repaired – which has made the surface softer and much. much harder work to cycle along. It was also re-seeded, but that doesn’t seem to hav3e made it any easier so far.

Wicken Lode Bank

The National Trust at Wicken run (electric) boat trips up Wicken Lode. This one looks a little skew.

NT Boat Trips along Wicken Lode

He managed to sort out the steering and didn’t crash into the bank.

NT Boat Trips along Wicken Lode

Coming back past what appears on the old maps as Binkers Hill there was a tank. (The end of Headlake Drove.) “Fazor is a foliar treatment in potatoes for suppression of volunteers”, from Dow AgriSciences.

Get ready to suppress those volunteers

Headlake Drove

Sunbeams on Maize

As the harvest progresses you often see trailers following the combine which offloads grain on the move. Here is a 2002 model, just under £56K – but based in France – 2,300 hours on the engine.

A New Holland CX840 across from White Fen

Traffic calming as Lodes Way enters Bottisham. So cyclists can go through the cutting – then have to swing right out into the other lane – not very thoughtful – but legal I guess.

Thoughtful parking – No

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