Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday–the harvest doesn’t stop

Saturday, 10th August 2013: Sorry about the lack of Posts. I have been doing my twice a year job as a removals man which means a long drive up to Scotland and back. Although this time we broke the journey and had some holiday in the Lake District. It was wonderful, we got some walks in and the weather wasn’t too bad.

Getting onto the Internet was tricky though. In Scotland, despite staying in a hotel that is part of international the Internet was a problem.  They advertised free WiFi, but gave me the wrong code, when I rang down to reception no-one answered. The next day I mentioned it on my way to breakfast. “Oh yes the code has changed” – well thanks. We had other problems as well and when it came time to fill in their survey they scored badly.

Someone higher up did get in touch and I was offered free bed and breakfast for me and my wife the next time we go up. I thanked them for their kind offer – but to be frank I didn’t want to repeat the experience, free or not. There are other better hotels in the area that I’d rather pay for.

Then in the Lakes, which offers some beautiful countryside I struggled with poor connectivity both in the hotel (low bandwidth) and tethering to my phone.  Sending pictures via MMS took ages only to fail.  The only notable thing was how I managed nearly hit my download limit and got some helpful texts on how to buy more data.

So I have been catching up which seems to take ages.

It also means my posts are way out of date – so few words – only pictures. Especially now that harvest is over and the fields have been ploughed and drilled. This was a weekend ride, catching up on the Archers and on Low Fen Drove Way to Horningsea and then up to Upware

New Holland Combine in action

Low Fen Drove Way – work to be done

Wiggly Tram Lines in the field

Case International Combine – parked up

About to have a head-on with a Claas Combine

Near to Upware these onions were getting a last spray before harvesting

Spraying Onions – near Upware

That’s a country lane – single lane with passing places (near Upware)

Same sprayer as before – turning.

Further up the road the potatoes were being irrigated. Apparently this is a crucial tome for spuds.

Spuds being Irrigated (near Upware)

A long the same road, from Upware to Wicken, the cover crop in this field margin was  in flower.

On the other side of the road a photographer was out in the field taking close-ups of the bales. (You can see Wicken in the background).

Photographing Straw Bales (between Upware and Wicken)

Straighter tram lines. Generally the farmers have equipment that allows the same tram lines to be used all year – it keeps the yields up.

Chap on a tri-cycle – near the Lode Crossroads

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