Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Lodes Way Loop–anti-clockwise–taking in Mill Road

Tuesday, 8th April 2014: Well if I am really going to catch up with my posts I’d better just label these pictures. Although I did cycle in an anti-clockwise direction, which is not my usual route round the Lodes Way. It is surprising how things look different. (This is not the Mill Road that goes through Cambridge though!)

White Fen – leaves appearing on the trees – Lodes Way

White Fen – modernist art aka Pylons – Lodes Way

Cyclists often get treated to some interesting technology – If the urge takes you here is an opportunity to produce some cassettes of your ride – two at a time. Although cassettes!

Silicon Fen – a better class of fly-tipping – not – Lodes Way – Headlake Drove

Something to Identify the Fly-tippers?

I popped along The Mill Road once I crossed Reach Lode Bridge,  - Here is a link to a map of the area drawn by Dr Eric Ennion, who grew up in the village of Burwell. On his map the track is called The Mill Road. Which makes me wonder – should it really have a bridleway or byway status?

The Mill Road – Burwell Fen

A View of Burwell Fen nicely flooded – there were loads of birds around

Mill Road – heading towards Burwell Fen Farm

USAF Hercules C-130 out of Mildenhall (probably), possibly a C130H Combat Talon II

Burwell Lode Footbridge (the willows alongside has come back nicely into leaf)

Soil preparation for Spuds -  Lodes Way

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