Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A sprinkle of pictures along the Lodes Way for Spring

Saturday, 12th April 2014:  After a bit of exploring the day before it was back on familiar territory. I usually catch up with what has been happening in The Archers during the past week. It used to be something I looked forward to – but now I am not so keen. Listening to a tale of the misery of farming folk in the country is not quite such an appealing thing to do.

When I do want to listen I normally head for an early Byway or Bridleway. Now if I mention that I listen to my MP3 player when cycling I often get incredulous looks as if I need my head examining – well maybe I do, but not for that reason. I am not sure if most people realise just how noisy modern roads are nowadays. Try walking or cycling along Airport Way to see what I mean.  It is unpleasantly noisy – any person in their right mind would try and avoid walking or cycling along there unless they really had to. I find it is the higher pitched tyre noise rather than the lower rumble of the engines.  Slow-moving traffic in towns is noisy but more rumbling and so doesn’t create quite the same level of discomfort.

Regular readers will know that I tend to cycle around Low Fen Drove Way and then over to Lode and around the Lodes Way at the weekend for my listening catch-up. The beauty of the route is that it keeps me away from noisy roads and I get out into the countryside.

There is always something to see especially during the spring months, this ride wasn’t an exception. Don’t worry there are only five photographs, the last one isn’t something I’ve seen before though.

One thing that has struck me this year is how different species of tree come into leaf at such different times. I have mentioned how Horse Chestnut Trees are early leaf-ers – well these look like Oak Trees, although I am not sure. Anyway the good news is that they have started springing into leaf.  This was taken half-way down the green line on this OSM link.

The last of the Late Leafers

This picture was taken on Lower Road, the back way into Wicken – this ditching work has been going on for a while.  As you can see it is a pretty thorough job that is being done here.

Thorough Ditch Work off Lower Road - Wicken

There is an old saying – “fine words butter no parsnips”. Perhaps not – but parsnips do make good stock-feed.  This is Priory Farm – once owned by Alan Bloom documented in The Farm on the Fen.

Parsnips on the Farm in the Fen – Wicken Fen

A rather odd sight on Burwell Lode – has the boat been moored and swung around, it is a protest against high lock fees or maybe it is a a temporary bridge?

Traffic Jam on Burwell Lode

For a change I cycled down to Swaffham Prior and then along NCN51. There seemed to be some sort of al-fresco event at the church – St Mary’s Swaffham Bulbeck.

It was a representation of the Last Supper, there are more pictures here.

The Last Supper – St Mary’s, Swaffham Bulbeck

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