Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Meeting at the Quy Mill and the long way back

Wednesday, 30th April 2014: Decisions, I had a meeting at the Quy Mill. A pleasant hotel on the outskirts of Cambridge and convenient for meeting people who have driven over to Cambridge but don’t want to drive into the middle.

Why don’t they want to drive into the middle you might well ask. Well some would have you believe that it is the cost of parking that puts people off . Well that isn’t really the case for business types who reclaim their expenses and so don’t really care about the cost of parking. No the real issue is the congestion that makes places like Cambridge so unattractive for motorists.

Paradoxically making parking cheaper would make the congestion worse. The trouble with a congested city is that journey times by motor vehicle become unpredictable.  So what would be the best way for me to get to the Quy Mill. They have a fairly extensive car park and being just off the A14.

Quy Mill Hotel

Although the A14 can be pretty bad during the rush hour and is notorious for problem accidents causing issues. They claim that the upgrade will fix it. Although surely that will just move the problem along.  Cambridge will become even more congested.

Lorry on the A14

Ah now that would be an idea – fly in by helicopter – they have the facility for helicopter landings at the Quy Mill. By being able to hop over any traffic jams I would not have any unexpected hold-ups.

There is only one snag with that idea. I don’t have a helicopter.

Quy Mill Helicopter Facilities

Of course there really is only one sensible answer – go by bicycle.  The Quy Mill Hotel lies just off NCN51 and is remarkably easy to cycle to.

NCN51 – near the Quy Mill Hotel

As it happens I got to the Quy Mill on time, but couldn’t find the cycle parking area – they were hidden behind a van. I asked at reception who pointed me in the right direction. I would have expected more since these are by the Leisure and Spa facilities. I guess most people drive to get their exercise!

As you can see they are “wheelbenders” perhaps another reason why mine was the only bike there. I locked my bike to itself as I was now late.

Note to self don’t get too sanctimonious about how cycling gets to there on time – without mentioning the faffing around trying to find somewhere to lock it up.

Wheelbenders at the Quy Mill

On my way back I decided to take a slightly longer route.

NCN51 – High Ditch Road Junction – beware!

I turned down High Ditch Road and the Low Fen Drove Way. Those bl**dy t*ssers have been at it again. Or is it the route of the Tour de France with roadside relaxation facilities.

The Bridge over the A14 (Low Fen Drove Way)

When I reached the bridleway just beyond Horningsea I was amazed at the number of cars and vans. Was there a convention?  Now I don’t get chased by dogs being walked that often, about 1 in 10 encounters, but it does happen regularly.  If this lot have dogs then a chase is a sure thing.  Some people know they can control their dogs and do. Some people know they can’t control their dogs and have them on a lead.  Some people think they can control their dogs but can’t and some people don’t care.  I hope for more of the former than the latter.

Lots of cars in the Lay-by near Quy Fen

For a change I decided to cycle through Quy Fen.  Many of the visitors to Quy Fen seem to think that leaving rubbish is ok.

Now I tend to cycle through, this bike has a more conscientious owner.

Quy Fen – here I come

It was pretty still. I also didn’t see anyone in this bit. Which makes me wonder what were they all doing and how to avoid them.

Quy Fen

Quy Fen – empty

Quy Fen – guide post

Oil Seed Rape in Flower along the old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey

Crops being Planted – Great Drove

Labour Intensive Crop-planting – Eight People

Split Drove

White Fen – What cycling is about - carefree

White Fen – Every day togs and time to check your texts Smile

White Fen and listen to your music

For a change I wasn’t listening to my music. However I approve – cycling should be carefree – not an activity where you are constantly worried by idiot passing too close.

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