Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cambridge – Boats and bicycles

Friday, 9th May 2014: We are planning on a trip around Scotland, this time in the Squealing Pig (My Land Rover Discovery).  However as seems to happen, having covered around 2,000 since last August it decided to have a problem.  The problem was that whenever I braked the front wheels wibbled. Which kind of suggested something was loose or warped.

As most cars driver know, cars do go wrong and when that happens the key requirement seems to be money.  I am not looking for sympathy here – it is my own stupid fault for owning a car, particularly when I don’t actually drive it that much. Over the same period of time I reckon to have cycled around 4,000 miles or thereabouts. However if it’s broke then get it fixed seems like a safe motto. So first thing I get up stick the bike in the car and then drive to Marshalls to get it sorted. Because of traffic I try to get there early to avoid the congestion.  Obviously I don’t have the same problem getting home as I have my bicycle.

So I got there well before the garage opened and went for a cycle.

I did take the opportunity to take a few pictures of the world passing by after dropping the car off. I sat on one of the benches along Stourbridge Common fairly close to Riverside.  The title of the post gives it away – there were lots of boats out on the River and lots of cyclists heading into Cambridge and here they are.

Congestion on the Cam?

Cycling to School

Cambridge Cyclists – people going about their business

Colour Coordinated – Purple

Not Quite So hard-worked?

Two-way Traffic

Purple Stands out!

Lit by the Sun

Formation Cycling?

Not everyone got the memo about wearing pink

Checking his Segment Time?

Social and Anti-social Rowing?

“Right Boat Block the River”

Being Caught by a Jogger?

Wrap-up Warm it might be cold!

It isn’t cold When you work hard

Keep your lock handy

Or should that be keep you lock on your handlebars

Enjoying the view

Maybe there is something happening over there and I didn’t notice

People walk on this route as well?

After handing over my car for some lavish application of money, well that is sometimes how it feels I to a great cycle route home to make me feel better.

An ambulance came through the P&R junction on Newmarket Road

You can see the concentration on the ambulance drivers face as she picks her way through the traffic. Also, is it me or is that top traffic light looking amber when it should be red?

I get the feeling that the ambulance driver doesn’t trust her “fellow” motorists – I can’t blame her.

Without any fuss the ambulance continued.

A montage of the cyclists. Some wear helmets, some don’t, I can’t see any Lycra though.

The car needed a new disk at the front – the old one was warped. Plus other s and pieces such as a tie-rod…

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