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A Loop up to Ten Mile Bank and back

Friday, 16th May 2014: No thoughts (in this post), they slow me down. Whilst my Blogging might stall from time to time, that isn’t because I have run out of thoughts or pictures. I’ve got loads of stuff that crops up to provide material. I am trying to be more critical of my pictures, in the selection rather than the taking. On a recent trip to Scotland I took around 4,000 pictures, although some were bracketed, still I reckon that was around a couple of thousand.  There are still many times when I look at a picture I have taken and think next time I will change the composition or alter the depth of focus or…

This is a loop up to Ten Mile Bank and back. It heads north into the Fens and then back around the east side of Ely. Which means it is pretty flat, with a minimum elevation of –2m and a maximum elevation of 25m.  A quick check on Bike Route Toaster shows that it is just over 100Km at 102Km (64 miles). I didn’t realise it was quite that far. I have added the route to Bike Route Toaster – here. (It shows the loop bit starting/stopping at a layby to the north of Horningsea). As it happens I cycle up alongside the River Cam. I am not actually suggesting you drive and park in the layby.

The bit from Clayhithe up through Cottenham is reasonably quite. Although depending upon the day/time crossing the A10 can be a bit tricky. Long Drove neatly bypasses the B1049, but the route does re-join it, just before crossing the River Great Ouse. The road isn’t very pleasant and one to be avoided during the weekday rush hour I reckon. I wasn’t so bad on a Saturday though.

The route switches back to country lanes after heading out of Wilburton on the Station Road.  Although there is no station nor railway line any more. (There is a “climb” into Wilburton, no special measure needed though it is only 25m above sea level.) There is another climb into Coveney. Which is also on the route of the one of the National Byway.

There are views across to Ely from Coveney with Ely Cathedral standing tall.

Ely Cathedral

My rtoue then heads over to meat NCN11 just by Little Downham, although could have taken a shorter cut through to the New Bedford River along Straight Drove and then on the track alongside the river.

The route briefly follows the A1101 alongside the New Bedford River, but the A1101 crosses the river at Suspension Bridge.

New Bedford River looking North-East


New Bedford River looking South-West


New Bedford River looking South-West – Railway Bridge in view

Although the NCN11 route from Cambridge to King’s Lynn takes this route I normally cycle along the west side of the River Great Ouse. It is somewhat more sheltered and shorter.

You do pass the Welney Wetland Centre though. It has a cafe which would be a good cyclists refuelling point I guess. (The cafe has free WiFi as well.) One of these days I ought to bypass the jink to Ten Mile Bank and carry on along the bridleway alongside the River Great Ouse to Denver.

Halfway-ish between the New Bedford River and the River Great Ouse is a pylon run, which seems to go on for ever. I took this picture from Station Road.  This time although there is no railway station there is still a railway line – the Cambridge to King’s Lynn line. It was called Hilgay Railway Station.  ( A link to the old and new OS map of the area.)

Pylons – near Ten Mile Bank

Ten Mile Bank Bridge over the River Great Ouse

The way home, no not the river, but the rather nice lane on the right hand side. It is called Engine Road by the bridge and then Ten Mile Bank.

River Great Ouse, Ten Mile Bank

Just before reaching Littleport the pylons caught me up.

Pylons – Mow Fen

I usually cycle through Littleport  and then cross the River Great Ouse at the Sandhill Bridge. The road is straight and despite being a “C” road (Branch Bank)  is quite wide and fast and is probably a quicker way to the A11.

River Great Ouse from Sandhill Bridge, Littleport

After that I headed down Queen Adelaide Way (also fast and not too pleasant) before joining NCN11 and cycling down through Barway to Wicken. After that is Lodes Way all the way, to Lode. Although I stopped at the end of Split Drove to take a picture of Commissioners’ Drain.

Commissioners’ Drain

A common sight – posters seeking help to catch the tossers. I would guess they come down in the dark. I have only ever seen one driver which I though was about to fly-tip who gave me a mouthful of abuse.

Wanted Fly-tippers

Apparently this plane has been in an accident. It is a CT-2K Microlight from Flight Design.

CT-2K Microlight above the Fens

There were two flying together, although I am not sure whether they were both the same.

Horse Riding on Lodes Way alongside Fen Road/Bottisham Lode

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