Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Half Life of a Blog–mid week thought

Wednesday, 20th May 2014: I have been writing my Blog for coming up to five years. During that time I have followed a mix of different Blogs, mainly to do with cycling, but some about the joy of cycling, some about the area I cycle around a lot (Wicken Fen) and some that either campaign or make observations about cycling. They found there way into my Blog list (at the right hand edge of this post.

It seems to me that many of those Blogs have tailed off, some have stopped as situations change and some have gotten less frequent. So I guess I ought to add a few more to my list.  This helps me to keep up to date and allows readers to jump off onto other Blogs that catch their eye.

I have come to some of these Blogs serendipitously and some I have seen on the Blogs I read and then started reading on and off. As I like pictures the Blog list I use shows a picture from the blog in question, with the most recent post at the top. Rather worryingly I see that the Google Photos Blog was last updated two years ago. I hope this doesn’t mean the Picasa will get dumped by Google.

I did have a quick look to see what there was on the ‘net regarding how long Blogs last for. I came across this post “Top 100 Blogs have an Average Age of 33.8 months”. Which isn’t the answer to my question but given I have been going for longer –my Blog isn’t destined to hit the bit time any time soon, or in fact anytime.

Quora isn’t much more helpful although a comment suggests 60% – 80% are abandoned within one month!

So I have added a few more, although not all of those are that recent, ah well.

And in other good news this was a mid-week ride and I didn’t have much time to spare. So there are only two pictures.

Burwell Lode

There are two posts to prevent motor vehicles using the Reach Lode Bridge on the Lodes Way (over, ye you’ve guessed it, Reach Lode). These were vandalised with a sledgehammer and so a large chunk of concrete was put in place instead. New posts have now been stuck into the base. More on the Rangers’ blog. They have since been painted.

New Bollards between Split Drove and Reach Lode Bridge

And that’s all, for now.

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