Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good news and bad news

Well first the bad news, for some reason, which I have not had time to get to the bottom of, when I tried to Post my last Blog entry, the pictures failed to upload. I did not have the time to experiment with Zoundry to find out what it might be. So I used Picasa to download the pictures and then edited the links into the XHTML. The good news - (only from a glass half-full viewpoint) - I haven't been out to be able to take any pictures today. Although I am going to find a few older pictures to stick in this post to check to see whether the problem has gone away. No it hasn't - what a nuisance!

The weather round here in the Flatlands has not been as bad as in parts of the UK although allegedly the Quad Bike gritter has been out on Cambridge's icy paths. I just haven't been out on my bike to check. The lack of cycling is do work with work not with fear of cycling on the roads though.

Judging by the reports of problems elsewhere we are actually quite lucky, snow and ice can be really challenging if you have to go out in the bad weather.

The guided Busway has been in the news again with the cost no anticipated to be £181 million, I wonder if these are the preliminary skirmishes before the battle commences. To work out who is responsible for what and how it gets finished to an agreed level - although the the moment it is "wot no bus".

And finally a bicycle accident that doesn't bear thinking about but fortunately ended well. A cyclist fell off her bike, although is not sure how it happened and ended up impaled on a branch for 8 hours. She is now recovering at home after an operation to remove the branch.

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