Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lack of Posts (and cycle rides) - boilers again

I am not going to hit my distance target for the year, I am not too bothered, I have gotten pretty close to it and the weather and Christmas have gotten in the way a little. The Boiler saga continues. Yesterday we had a very competent British Gas Engineer who rang in advance to understand the issue and had clearly read up on what repairs we have had in the past. Then when he got here he sorted what he could (a sticky valve) and ordered some new parts (heat exchangers) and arranged with his office that he would come back on Friday afternoon to do the repairs when the parts had arrived. As the weather has gotten warmer, around 5.9C on the external thermometer at the moment, we felt reassured that at last the matter was going to be resolved and frozen pipes would be avoided. The hot water boiler's leak now needs a bucket underneath it which I had to empty before going to bed yesterday. So it is getting worse

That was Wednesday, today (Thursday) I got a phone call from British Gas - yes you've guessed it they wanted to rearrange the date and time for the engineer's visit. I have to say I am finding this "Peace of mind" service extremely stressful. In fact when I explained the run around we have had including having to arrange our own Plumber to come in on Christmas Eve to make sure we had some heating over Christmas they agreed to stick with the appointment on Friday afternoon - so its fingers crossed.

I also got another call later from Customer relations saying that they would get back to me next week to review the matter with me. When I first started out in sales one lesson I was taught was if you make an appointment stick with it, don't change it. It would seem that British Gas (or at least the Homecare bit of it) does not follow that creed. We've been trying to get my mother-in-law to switch to a Service Agreement with British Gas, now I am not so sure it makes sense.

So that is part of the reason I have not been cycling, the other part of the reason is I have had to replaced the disk drives in my computer. It was not quite as easy as it should have been due to some specification choices I made when I bought it many moons ago - more to come, but I am now once again able to use it for Posting to my Blog.

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