Friday, November 18, 2011

A “real-time” post?

Friday, 18th November: Oops I got Wednesday's Post wrong – I actually had my breakfast meeting on Thursday. Still no harm done. When I popped out for the newspaper in my shorts and sandals I thought it was going to be a lovely day today and it is. There is even warmth in the sun. So it is a pity I am not cycling anywhere.

Another cyclist was in an accident with a car in Cambridge yesterday evening – Cherry Hinton Road and Mowbray Road. This seems to be the second accident at that junction – that last was reported just over a month ago – “Call for action at site of crash

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As you can see it is quite a junction, with various entrances and exits for the nearby shops around as well. There are cycle lanes feeding into it and a small bit of Mandatory Cycle Lane. I did cycle up here the other day, but normally I use The Tins path. I find The Tins to be much quieter, although I can imagine that it might be intimidating for some at night. We are sometimes warned about using paths that are off the beaten track at night. The second link does mention the vegetation on the roundabout which obscures the view. This seems to be a common feature on other roundabouts I have seen, where the view across is deliberately obscured – to slow vehicles down?

I also recently mentioned the problem of pollution in London – well it was reported on the BBC website as “Boris Johnson sticks by gluing pollution to road”. Depending upon your views, the spin makes it look like the best thing since sliced bread. Apparently £900,000 is being spent on the “trials”.  This various approaches seem to be a lesson in wilfully ignoring the real cause – motor vehicles.

A bit of CGB news – (Cambridge Guided Busway), a report suggests that the Council should have made the Southern Section capable of carrying double-decker buses. It can’t because some of the bridges are too low apparently. Personally I think the bigger mistake was to leave the gap in the middle between the Northern and Southern Sections.

Talking about trains – a “Motorist who caused rail crash after jumping level crossing escapes with fine of just £250”. Apparently he “had his radio on and sun visor down and did not hear the warning siren or see the flashing lights”. It looks to me as if we will have to ban all car radios/stereos and sun visors.

ON the subject of trains, but leading into a drought story the “Dry weather causes railway line closure”. The Ely – Downham Market line will be closed as the tracks needs shifting because the ground is so dry that the trains can’t reach the electric cables. Whilst “half of all UK homes face water restrictions…”.

And finally – a story about migrating starlings and a dolphin – with pictures.

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