Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life’s ups and downs

After three days of freedom to cycle some form of lurgy got the better of me.  Nothing serious but I woke with a headache and had a temperature (above the usual level).  I also found myself inconveniently tied to the house – or at least certain facilities in the house. A bit of a cold doesn’t stop me from doing a bit of pootling on my bike – but I tend to avoid strenuous exercise when I have an abnormal temperature.

Saturday (30th) was the first day I woke without a headache. It was also a lovely day but unfortunately not a cycling day as we had friends round in the morning and then did the weekly shopping in the afternoon. There is I suppose an upside, it will make it much easier for me to catch up with my posts as nothing much has happened.

I did report the Headlake Drove cracks through the CTC hole reporting link and today got an email update. Here is the CTC status link for the report. It seems that CTC act as an intermediary and they also provide the facility to add pictures so I’ve just added a couple. They do have a “Report again” facility.  What I would like is some information as to how the deliberations of the Council reach a conclusion.

One thing I was able to do was buy a pumpkin and although normally my daughter and I would carve one together – I didn’t let the fact she was away at University stop me. She did remind me that last year’s pumpkin was a Cyber pumpkin inspired by the Cybermen in Dr Who.

Here is Pumpky.

And this is Pumpky on the front door step ready to keep those trick or treaters in order.

And finally I keep forgetting to mention that as well as the Archers podcast Ambridge Extra is back with another 30minutes of Ambridge goings on per week.

I mentioned getting up on Saturday without a headache – I also got up early to watch the Grand Prix qualifying session. The  reports on India took me back to my cycle ride there in 2009.

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