Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CGB Cycle way now open and it’s tarmac all the way

When I cycled along the CGB (Cambridge Guided Busway) last Saturday it looked as if all the surfacing works had pretty much been completed. Well the route has now been opened officially. As the Cambridge News reports “Good news for cyclists as Guided Bus maintenance track completed” with a picture of Councillor Ian Bates and Regional Director of Sustrans – Nigel Brigham with their bikes and a ribbon on a bit of the tarmac!

How the CGB cycle way looked in April 2010

As you might imagine there are a lot of comments. Indeed there are many childish comments. All I would say is that the CGB and the cycle way are both getting used – and IMHO by more people than I would have expected. Also for all those people who are so fixated on their right to drive and own the roads because they pay road tax (sic) – get over it and remember the more people that use the bus or cycleway then the fewer there will be on your precious A14. Although as pointed out by the Cottenham Cyclist in “Fuel prices on the up. Gasp!” which points out that maybe we need to think about not commuting long distances or taking our kids into the next county to school and also to encourage local shops – adapt to the changes that are inexorable.

How the CGB  looked in April 2009

Whilst on about cars these are mean streets in Cambridgeshire – “Gun fired as car forced off Cambridgeshire Road” and yet another “speed camera has been set on fire”, this one was closer to home – Ditton Lane, Fen Ditton.  Mind you there also seems to be an anti-car brigade setting fire to cars – “Cars burnt in dealership blaze”.

How the CGB looked in May 2010

As a reminder one of the reasons things like the cycle way make sense is to help combat the obesity epidemic.  The current edition of the Cambridge News Cycling blog is Blog 22: Beating Obesity.

I do think though that the cycleway is a great facility and nicely compliments the Lodes Way (which will feature in my next post).

How it looks now:

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