Sunday, November 25, 2012

Halloween–Herbert Peregrine Pumpkin

Wednesday, 31st October 2012: It is funny how doing stuff on Halloween’s night has become more popular over the years and home Firework parties have become less popular. I am probably more keen on fireworks than many and yet I have no plans to let any off this year.

 Sad smile

However although my kids are growing up and only one lives at home part-time (although Uni hols are pretty long) I still enjoy carving my pumpkin. (Both my kids also carved pumpkins where they live as well.)  Although I didn’t so much carve it as cut great holes in it. Around here a pumpkin advertises that you accept trick or treaters.  We do and they were all polite and well behaved with parents in close attendance and dressed up. We did get one older group of kids – but although they were more trying it on than entering into the spirit they were polite as well.

This year I have not gone for the cyber-tear (think Dr Who, Cybermen) – rather a simpler set of bold and easier to cut shapes.

Herbert Peregrine Pumpkin

With the wonders of modern camera technology – well actually a tripod even though it was dark I was able to use a long exposure – if you look closely you can see that one of the candles has gone out in the pervious picture.

Herbert Peregrine Pumpkin

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