Sunday, November 25, 2012

Low Fen Drove and Lodes Way in the Autumn

Tuesday, 30th October 2012: If I am ever going to catch up I either need to go world-lite or start missing out Posts. Well I am going to try the word-lite approach, which means the trials and tribulations of dealing with my Desktop Computer – some mega patches arrived and the BSOD and British Gas and British Telecom will all have to wait.

Although it wasn’t the weekend I sneaked out on my usual Sunday cycle, not to catch up with the Archers, but to catch up with my rays. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it wasn’t very windy.

Lessons learned – well it is the season for fly-tipping, there is an awful lot of mud around because of the sugar beet harvesting and although it is autumn new crops have sprung up in the fields.

There were also quite a few people out enjoying the fine weather and now the clocks have changed the late afternoons really do get dark quickly and I will have to remember to take lights with me from now on. The early evenings also mean more opportunities for sunset photography.

Fly-tipping on Low Fen Drove Way/High Ditch Road

Winter Crops already up in the fields along Low Fen Drove Way

Autumn Leaves sprinkled on the Low Fen Drove Way track

Blue Skies and a Line of Clouds – Low Fen Drove Way

The last time I was here the field was only just being drilled

An even drilling

Low Fen Drove Way – muddy times

As a complete aside I have just discovered that between then and now I can no longer move the OSM map with my mouse. I reckon it worked last week.

An Autumnal Biggin Lane

Cyclists on the Fen Ditton Horningsea Cycle Way

More green in the Fields  and Blue in the Skies near Horningsea

A Cyclist heading back to Horningsea

The old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey – looking rather muddy

The old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey – looking rather muddy
beet collection is the answer

The old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey – looking rather muddy
A protest group?

The old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey

A Very Muddy Harvey’s Droveway Lode
So muddy there is a less muddy diversion

New Signage along Lodes Way (the disc on the top)

Still harvesting the spuds – Lodes Way

Ideal Ballooning Weather – Lodes Way

Long Shadows on Great Drove

Hot Air Ballooning in the Fens – time to land?

Smoke drifting across the green “autumnal” fields – Upware

The setting sun – Wicken Fen

The Sun Setting over Baker’s Fen (Wicken Fen)

The Sun Setting over Baker’s Fen (Wicken Fen)

My bike was pretty clogged up by the tie I got home – it is a good job there isn’t a hosepipe ban.

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