Friday, August 23, 2013

A Few more pictures around the Wicken Fen area in the Summer

Monday, 22nd July 2013:  I will never catch up at this rate – so pictures with titles, some hyperlinked to the OSM map).

Black Droveway

Catch Water Drain

Maisie next to Barston Bridge

Fire on the Fen

Not paying attention to the focus point – Cyclist on Lodes Way

Another attempt: Cyclist on Lodes Way

Water Lily – Reach Lode


Wicken Fen – the veldt

As I was taking pictures I chatted with a couple cycling by on their way to Wicken. They had actually been cycling for some time and so were laden. They had to detach their panniers in order to get their bikes over the bridge and then go back and carry the panniers over.

They were not at all impressed with what is supposed to be one of the major Sustrans routes (11). They also compared it very unfavourably with Holland – which has a lot of drainage as well – there things are much easier for cyclists. Fortunately they did not have much further to go this time, but the entire journey was going to be 100s of miles.

Intrepid Cycle Tourist on to Wicken

And the other cyclist of the pair.

Intrepid Cycle Tourist on to Wicken

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